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  1. Any chance for a version without a devious devices requirement?
  2. I’m mostly focused on Flowergirls, although I might switch if I’m too limited. Is there a list anywhere of mods that work with or beside Flower Girls? If not, a couple questions. Is there anything like Sexy Bandit Captives for FG (or can it be made to work with FG somehow?). Is there a mod to enhance marriage with FG? And finally, is there any mods that randomize body’s life options for NPCs?
  3. What are the best first person options for Flower Girls? I know there’s 2 or 3 mods that will allow it, I just do t know what is considered “best”.
  4. Not even with something like Enhanced Camera? I know that works in Skyrim.
  5. Do any of the mods for New Vegas allow for the animations to play in first person? If so, which ones?
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