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  1. I'm trying to increase bed density. Very long beds sometimes are invisible. Width doesn't seem to do anything. I wish there was a way to pack them in tighter, but that seems like a code thing. did you download only "JustPolyamory" instead of both? That's the only logical explanation besides "look better."
  2. You can do all sorts of polygamy with just the debug tools without mods at all. I can't fault the base game for breaking silly mods like this. The mod should be well rounded enough to live up to it's own namesake, so that's the feedback I give. I didn't realize that limitation with new fiancees. It's probably true for new lover outside of the affair event(which seems to be less of a negative occurrence with one of these mods). Using manual controls, if the fiancee is made into a wife/husband during the ceremony, the ceremony concludes without the old spouses becoming
  3. Okay, I have a bug report. I haven't mention the mode I'm testing in, but the mode I've been using is the Everyone's polygamous mode since I didn't want to give everyone a trait. At the moment of Marriage, all wives become ex-wives. Lovers and fiances aren't affected by the ceremonies. I'm guessing this is due to the mode.
  4. I did not find any absolutely required from the Polygamy Bed, however recommended it would be. Some things just work, such as extending bed length. Adding this overwrite is essential for immersion when looking at "needs". The {0} simply refers to the lover the memory was produce with. Nothing fancy going on. You just have to make sure the mod is near the bottom of the modlist. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Defs> <ThoughtDef> <defName>GotSomeLovin</defName> <thoughtClass>Thought_MemorySocial</thoughtClass&
  5. I'll rather have more variations on size than Expanded apparel, but having the tank tops for Vanilla Expanded Apparel compatible sounds good as well
  6. The only bug I experienced is the annoying bunch of red lines in the debug window reminding me that the bed was made for royalty. The bed still exists without the DLC. I was worried something interfered with marriage proposals happening, but it finally happen. It would be nice to have alternatives to the polygamy trait, like a Main Character type trait, or a Cuckold trait where only one party needs the trait. Trait should be able to be boolean-ed in? edit: the royalty debug issue was other mods
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