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  1. Don't bother, this creator simply re posts the same sims again and again and again to advertise a Paywall. It's also a way to harvest your email address to be sold on later. I have reported them many times but little is done.
  2. No answer @axemencito , you don't seem to want to engage with anyone ? so how do we verify before complaining ???
  3. @axemencito Then read the rules and do not keep posting a link to exactly the same sim you originally posted simply to advertise your PAYWALLED sims! post something NEW and don't keep bumping/spamming your posts. This forum is not here to advertise your PAYWALL!
  4. Constant spam for a paywall, April 19 ?
  5. Fishermandavid becomes fisherman69 .....Whats new this time... nothing! just spam about a paywall Why do you continue to spam the sims section with paywalled content updates. Its against the rules!
  6. Spam again and again posting exactly the same sims! reported but ignored.
  7. What has been updated since 1st June??????
  8. This is just Spam for a paywall, every time they are on page 2 they re-post an old sim, needs removing.
  9. This is just Spam for a paywall !
  10. Does fishermand**** actually ever upload anything new other than advertise paywalled sims. Are any ever released to LL?
  11. Spam after spam, Nothing new to see here!
  12. Nothing new here, just Paywall advertising
  13. pretty much 🤣 ... then sell it 😂🤣
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