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    Sadly I've downloaded the "Updates" a few times now only to find nothing new has been updated for the loverslab community It appears the updates are posted to promote a long list of new paywalled content, sadly hidden from us here!
  1. So you just posted an update to advertise your paywalled stuff on your download page rather than here??????
  2. Was anything new posted on Wednesday 10th please?
  3. @Neels van Greune It's to try and stop the selfish spamming/bumping so called creators who post empty "updates" to promote paywalled rubbish riding on the back of great CC creators
  4. The default sorting order has changed for that section because selfish spamming/bumping creators abused the system and posted empty "Updates" to promote paywalls.
  5. Is the reviews system introduction related to those making empty updates, excessive paywall advertising... ? or is there for another reason? As you know I'm all for stopping the selfish bad behaviors by the few for the benefit of the many.
  6. I have no problem with small mods advertising their larger collection if the post contains something new every "Update" but the example I've given blatantly abuses the system. In fact as soon as one post "left the front page" today another old post rolled back on. They have even now added the old paywall pictures so they can "Update" those. If they are "scrutinized" how can they not update a single file in ten posts with dates going back more than a year and still be allowed to continue? For those that changed their ways and the great creators who are here for the right reasons I feel it's a kick in the teeth to them.
  7. @CPU But axem..... constantly updates/bumps their posts every few days without any changes to the downloads ?? As soon as a post leaves the front page an old post is "Updated" simply to promote a paywall. I've reported this many times but nothing is done so have given up.
  8. This is exactly what I meant. Be great not to see the same old bumpers/spammers again as any other solution has been ignored. Sadly none of the Admins have replied :(
  9. Whats new this time around please ? Nothing seems to change every time you post an update ?
  10. I'm wondering if its possible to have a hide/ignore button in the downloads section ? I've reported a serial bumper/spammer many times but still I see the same Eliza Pancakes, and others, still scrolling through time and time again, no updates, with no action taken. A way to NOT see these would be great, don't know how others feel ?
  11. What is new here please, I can't see anything has changed?
  12. I'm not surprised at all.... but sadly the admins simply do not care here, I've give up with it all, it's pointless reporting anyone
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