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  1. You'll want to check on the sexbound API page for compatible race mods. Speaking of, I need to get back to the felin mod sprites, did the female body but I'm having trouble with figuring out tail synchronization/positioning.
  2. Freshstuff

    [Starbound] Sexbound API

    THAT is what's causing it? Yeesh, whole time I thought it was FU's doing.
  3. Nice, thanks. Taking a crack at the sprite work for the Felin Mod now.
  4. I'm surprised Felin isn't supported already, pretty popular mod for what it is and has some *very* kinky references involved. Just go to one of those prisons and you'll see what I mean. I'd give it a whirl myself, but the links for the material for me to do so are dead as several others have already pointed out.
  5. Freshstuff

    Burmecian race mod

    I'm rather late, but apparently someone has the latest version of the burmecian mod up. Comes with the clothing, cleaned up models (for a WIP), and detachable burmecian feet, plus updated stats. (the stockings would be perfect if you could wear both them and the feet, ah well.) http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/477209/Burmecians%20Oblivion.zip
  6. So I was wondering if there were any other models for penises for female bodies aside from the default stuff we have in setbody. The regular ones are more for herms, and I dislike the gigantic futa penis option since I'm trying to play more of a transvestite then an overcompensating futanari (or hermaphrodite). And yes I know of the femboy model by gigabite, sadly it doesn't work all that well with custom races, or beast races.
  7. Freshstuff

    FEMBOY CONTENT THREAD - Femboy News and More

    Recently got back into skyrim, been trying to get clothing and armor meshes working for a femboy character with the female model but also make it unique for my PC (So far I'm relying on EBD to rectify it but I've yet to find out if it'll work). Trying to figure out how to get that to work, since the outfits seem deadset on using a default UNP body (vanilla clothes, anyways). I recall doing this before for CBBE way back but I forget how...didn't require outfit studio though. And yes I am aware of the Custom Race workaround, but I'd prefer to explore my options before banging my head on the Creation Kit like the novice I am.
  8. Freshstuff

    Sexualized Katia Race

    So out of curiosity, will you be porting this mod to SSE once the pre-reqs for the mod are up and able?
  9. Freshstuff

    Lykaios Males!

    The bigger question that I still can't find an answer to is this: Can we play this new version on our E drive without any complications?
  10. Freshstuff

    Sexualized Katia Race

    Well after a relook at it, it's either it's a bit stretched (looks totally fine from a front view) or the anus is a bit farther than the other models. Perhaps to compliment space for the penis addon? Edit: Should also mention this is the CBBE variant, not the UNPB one.
  11. Freshstuff

    Sexualized Katia Race

    While I personally don't need to know how to add animated vaginas, I still would like to know how to edit textures on custom races all the same. No offense to the mod author, the vag is just too big, I'd prefer it to be more in line with other nude mods (plus it makes it a pain to have to change actor size or position if I want to spice things up with the other door).
  12. Freshstuff

    Sexualized Katia Race

    Xp32 maximum skeleton extended IS what Clams of Skyrim uses. The Katia Managan mod uses a non-standard skeleton and skeleton-folder strcuture. Even if you have xp32 installed, your RACE isn't using it. xD You probably don't know that for one reason or another, unless there's something wrong at my end. But that's what they told me when I told them about the pussy stretching that was happening in your mod. "The custom race uses a non standard skeleton, CoS requires Xp32!" I thought you were saying CoS used the vanilla skeleton. Anyway, I also figured it already used XP32 because the skeleton for it, which I was indeed aware was pre-provided in the mod, looked A LOT like it. So, the issue really I guess is that I don't know how to replace the skeleton without breaking the mod, which is I believe what happened last time I did that...I think... I think..-I THINK- that was me. Before the 'Normal Skeletons' thing AyyRofLmao released, I was trying to get help here to keep the vagina from stretching all the way to oblivion every time a SL anim involving katia happened, and posted a pic here of me trying to replace the skeleton with the one every race uses instead of its own....but it made the head huge, and all kinds of other weird stuff. It was you, I still remember seeing that silly katia-ostrich picture. Shame I didn't save it, just another funny glitch when you play god with game physics.