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  1. Nah, problem is that when someone tried to add support to it, Sayter got pissed about permissions and now modders must ask permission for races as a result. So you will have to do support for yourself, it seems.
  2. So I am not sure if this has been asked before, but is there a way to adjust the helmets on the khajiit femboy race? It seems to clip through, in a similar matter to the human based hair choices.
  3. Freshstuff

    Sexbound compatibility patch requests?

    Not sure on the nudity enhanced one, but for the cute style eyes all you really need to do is copy/paste the head sprites from the mod's folder into the sexbound sprite folder of whatever species. It was how I got the girly anime eyes onto both felin genders for sexbound and the regular game.
  4. If he is, it's probably for the best people who aren't in the 'need to know' radius don't know what it is. No offense to lox but it seems he does not take well to pressure, even before that stupid PC gamer article got put on steam news.
  5. Freshstuff

    Race Support Requests

    So I have no interest in the mod (or Avali in general), but this does make me curious on how the size difference would work out. Would the modder change the sprites with their own custom animations to accommodate the size instead of using the usual animation base for races?
  6. For the cutebound felin one, my advice is to simply use kawa's felin mod, and attach the head he provides to the main files. I'd also recommend unpacking the cutebound felin mod if you want to use the male head since he only provides the female head. I prefer the female head on both genders since I desire to keep the trap aspect of them so I did the opposite and applied the female head to the male one on the main cutebound felin mod.
  7. Freshstuff

    All in One Complete Eevee Race Pack!

    Did the trick, though I had to revert to the old eevee mod instead of the galaxy foxes one. Will this be updated to that version, at least for the eevee race?
  8. Freshstuff

    All in One Complete Eevee Race Pack!

    So whenever I try to unpack this, 7zip says it cannot open as archive.
  9. Freshstuff

    Sexbound Kobold Race (Support)

    Ah! Been waiting for something like this. Now I just need to figure out how to give Kobolds the means to repair their ship, I don't think the compatibility patch on steam has them on the list.
  10. Strange, there was a ningen one here but it's missing: Haven't seen the DBZ one though.
  11. Aaaand he's gone. I guess that means sexbound is either dead or fair game for anyone who wants to pick it up.
  12. /spawnitem aphroditesbow If it doesn't spawn, try unpacking the mod like I mentioned earlier.
  13. Aphrodiite's bow mod, which was one of the mods loxodon made. If you do get the latest version, be sure to unpack it. It wasn't spawning the bow for some while packed, not sure why.
  14. It should still work, you just need to find the files, and make sure they are of the latest date depending on what mods you use. For instance, the rocking booty muru mod won't work with the latest Sexbound API. While the Felin sexbound mod would require the latest version. Also, if you get aphrodiite's bow mod (to properly initiate sex), be sure to unpack it. It seems to not want to spawn the bow upon command otherwise.
  15. Seems Loxodon has removed his mods. His patreon is also 404'd. Edit: Ah, I see now. Steam news posted a PCgamer article that featured his mod. It appears Steam is still trying to find ways to shame explicit mods on it's platform.