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  1. What I mean is in my mod loader I have Maria base, Maria prostitution, Maria devices, Maria quests and Maria ENG all loaded
  2. It's not the sound though, it's all the dialogue options, I don't know what to select because the dialogue options for this mod are all in German, even with the English version loaded alongside the others.
  3. Thanks, I'll try fiddling with the load order.
  4. So, recently the mod has stopped working for me, as in I can still give NPC's Shlongs via the menu but they aren't spawning with them by default anymore, they're all defaulting to the default underwear wearing one instead of naked, does anyone know what might be causing this?
  5. Help. I loaded up the english version along with the rest of the mod, but all the dialogues are in German still. I can't understand what any of it is and I can't dismiss a follower I accidentally picked up with the German dialogues. When I disable some other parts of the mod though including the base and the dependencies on the base, it gets rid of the German dialogues, but also a lot of the features of the mod. Can anyone help?
  6. Hopefully you get said permission as what I've seen of your work from others looks quite good.
  7. As far as I know it's deliberate on his (Komotor's) part making it fully paywalled. It's a shame since this is a mod I would like to give a try, but I'm not paying just to get the animation pack to be able to do so. There are no free versions of the pack anywhere and as a result this mod is sadly locked down.
  8. Other creatures work fine and dogs/canines work fine when alone, it seems to be dog animations involving multiple dogs that aren't working, despite being loaded
  9. Okay, so I've tried this mod, everything seems to work fine except for two quests specifically, though I have a feeling it may not exactly be with this mod, though if any help could be gotten, that would be great. Specifically these two mini-quests. Mini quest/dialogue chain that starts with Voada in Markarth. Talk to her to start the chain. Requires a FFC dog animation; currently I only know that Billyy has one such animation, so you need his latest pack to see this. After a while (5 hours) talk to the Jarl of Markarth. Talk to the Jarl after the sex scenes to ask permission to have sex with his dogs. Talking to dogs afterwards lets you have sex with one or both of them; repeatable. Can talk to Voada again to see the FFC animation again; repeatable. Mini quest/dialogue chain when you visit Hollyfrost farm and talk to Tulvur. Accept the job and enter the farm. Talk to either dog to start scene. Talk to Tulvur to get payment. You can also offer to have sex with him and a dog. Require MFC animation. MNC has some Leito ones, and Anubis has one. No tag filtering, so you'll have to cycle though animations yourself or use a mod like SexLab Tools to pick the right animation from the list. Can talk to dogs afterwards to have sex with either of them or both. Can talk to Tulvur to have sex with him and a dog again. Repeatable. First off, I have both Billyy's pack and MFC and the animations should be loaded, or at least sexlab says they are. Anyway, I talk to Voada, but as soon as I agree to do it, I get an error saying the animation couldn't be found and I can't progress the quest. For Tulvar's, none of the animations play, all the dialogue works and I get the gold, but none of the animations play besides Tulvar masturbating and this time I get no errors. Does anyone know what could be causing the issues with these two sets of animations specifically?
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