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  1. I'll doo this tomorrow, currently heading to bed.
  2. Is anyone else having a problem where the animations aren't playing for them? Even with this patch installed.
  3. The selection wheel comes up, but none of the animations play and nothing happens.
  4. I have the Avali sexbound patch, but when I try to use it, my character goes invisible.
  5. Okay, can someone seriously help me with this. When I do some of the sex acts in this mod, it normally ends with the dom saying some instruction, how am I meant to know exactly where to kneel or whatever? As their arm moves as soon as I move, so I can never find the spot they're pointing at.
  6. Okay, so how am I supposed to know what single pixel will activate it when owners are asking me to do stuff such as kneel infront of them? I keep kneeling at the spot they seem to be pointing to, but their hand moves away and it doesn't move on.
  7. What I mean is in my mod loader I have Maria base, Maria prostitution, Maria devices, Maria quests and Maria ENG all loaded
  8. It's not the sound though, it's all the dialogue options, I don't know what to select because the dialogue options for this mod are all in German, even with the English version loaded alongside the others.
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