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  1. There aren't more creatures after skeevers. Is that what you're asking?
  2. You have a couple options. 1) Load a save before the chaurus quest and use the MCM option to advance the main quest and skip the chaurus. You can do that with skeevers too. 2) You can use the "SQS QuestName" command in the console to see what stage you're stuck on and then "SetStage QuestName XX" to advance to the next stage. That will get you through whatever the problem is without skipping the whole quest. The quest names are NA_MQ_Chaurus and NA_MQ_Skeever.
  3. It's an MCM option to set the progress of the animal collection quests or skip them entirely.
  4. Hello to all. Guess who this is? I see some people expressing interest in continuing this mod. Although I'm not in a position where I can do so myself, I'll be happy to send what I have to anyone who is serious about this, just PM me. And of course I'd be happy to try and answer any questions. As was noted above, this mod is complicated. I should explain why I changed my name. After I had been gone for a few years, I tried to come back here but I had forgotten my login information. I asked the mods/admins for help and you will be happy to learn that they take user security very seriously and so refused to help me get my account back. So I eventually decided just to make a new account and here I am.
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