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  1. anyone how which settings in the bikini tab of the SLS mcm menu I should use to have the most bikini's spawn? I want to check if I configured them correctly which I'm guessing I didn't. but I am not sure wether I should put it on 100 or 0 or 1. if anyone knows please share
  2. here found it I think https://vicioussarr.com/index.php/skyrim-mods-tests/ im not sure tho consider asking the uploader of the SS where he got it from.
  3. that did it idk what happened but thanks for the help btw this mod is one of the most well put together mods on LL, really well done. thanks.
  4. thanks, now I know I have 3 missing menu's. I am missing devious, licenses and bikini armors. does that give you any ideas. im gonna reinstall again maybe just missing files perhaps.
  5. okay, success ( somewhat ) the mcm issue is fixed(did the setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 and saved and reloaded a couple times ) however still no licences menu are there any requirements for that specifically is tawoba required? for the clothing license?
  6. hi, I tried loading a new game but now the issue isn't that I cant find the license system its that the complete mcm doesn't show any ideas?
  7. thanks for the reply. I had the right one ill try making a new save game thanks
  8. hello, everyone I don't know if i'm stupid or if skyrim is acting up again despite the fact I've gotten it more stable than it has been in literal years. i'm confused on the license system, I don't see anything relating to this in the MCM and I can't find the NPC in the whiterun guardhouse I think im missing an esp or an add-on I have the 0.555 version installed any help would be greatly apricated. btw ive gone through this thread but can't find it.
  9. does anyone still have the file for "Skeevers in the wall"? I saw that the page for the mod has been taken down but I also saw a thread a while back that still had the file itself but I can't seem to find it anymore. if somebody can show me where to find them that'd be great. thanks
  10. thanks for the reply, I guess im gonna have to learn how to use the creation kit now, haha. and I appreciate you releasing things when It works, really do. there are too many unfinished half mods on this site already. bye.
  11. hello, i'm wondering if you're still actively working on it and if you are I have a suggestion for you. there's is a mechanic in "devious training" that when you are fully trained (wearing something for a very long time) with blindfolds the effects of the blindfold will disappear. but after testing this I noticed that when you then remove the blindfold you see just like you did before which I dislike there are supposed to be negative consequences as well as positive consequences so instead of that I would like to see a system that when you have been wearing a blindfold for that
  12. thanks ill have a look maybe im missing something
  13. i play on 4k ultra but yeah ill try lowering the distance at which things appear and yeah i tried all of the stability things but some of them have caused more freezing and others dont seem to work thanks for your tip with the test room never heard that before
  14. i have a lot of issues with freezes and some light stuttering pc specs r5 1500x @ 3.7ghz 8gb @2992 gtx 980ti skyrim is on an ssd i had these issues on LE and didnt play as a result this happens with or without LL mods but is way more pronounced with i cant get to lvl 4 without constant freezes and saves refusing to even load but riften has by far the worst issues i cant even go near there with crashing and burning this is my load order if anyone has any advice please tell me
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