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  1. Hi the amputator tweak mod works but causes my cpu to go absolutely haywire and it doesn't stop 0.1 fps for as long as my arm is gone etc. any ideas?
  2. Thats hammerfall. I think having your follower would cause a lot of issues. amputation in general already causes weirdness with animations that still arent fixed so i wouldn't expect that but i can see him doing implementing some of those dwemmer amputaton stuff
  3. i think its part of the standard bestiality stuff in the slavetats downloads
  4. yeah i did try a new start didnt change it. (Also yeah i use your tweak, I use all your mods, most of em, and I just wanna say I love the hair update in SL survial, thanks for still working on it. It really is a must have for me now. Also I want Noserings like those in BAC but anyway...) However I changed the loadorder and started using nemesis and that fixed the armbinder and gag issue for npcs but the gag still doesnt work for me. btw yes i had mfg fixes i uninstalled it just to test and the only difference it makes is that the mouth opens for about 3 secs with it and
  5. There arent that many npcs in there tbh if your game freezes because of that then i think it would freeze in every single cell in the game. im not 100% sure but im guessing your problem is something else.
  6. i think you have to pay off your bounty first
  7. love the new hair changes, great idea. would like to see more like that. not sure what's more to add in that area but you know...
  8. try uninstalling the idle animations i heard it helps
  9. yeah i have it where it opens for a second and closes for the rest. armbinders dont seem to work at all. uninstalled yps and it doesnt seem to change. any ideas?
  10. wait maybe do you have custom idle animations or something?
  11. hate to bother everyone with this but I figured everyone here would have it so... I need apachii hair for slaverun but my acc got banned from the falsely banned by nexus and the appeal has lasted for 2 weeks now so can someone either send me that file? dropbox, mega whatever is best for you. thanks. (cant make a new a new acc btw)
  12. Gag issue solved, thanks, The chains still resist gravity but i read somewhere that that is normal for now. thanks BTW are you thinking of including these items into the mod? I really love how they look, I tried to do it myself in LE but it ended pretty badly 😛 Just wondering, Again I really love it and it think it doesn't get the attention it deserves.
  13. any ideas why i get a papyrus fail eventhough i have PAPYRUS 3.9? i tried installing 3.6 and 3.8 both gave the exact same error. edit: Yeah NVM Im an illiterate ape For any who follow my idiotic lead, in MO2 drag it all the way to the bottom of your priority list, simplyknock, SLSurvival and some other mods overwrite Papyrus.
  14. What do you mean with DDhotfix? I use only the aio.
  15. HI, I'm using DDaio, bodyslide, cbbe 3bbb and everything seems to be alright except for two things -The mouth doesnt open with gags -hdt doesn't work on devices like chains, it does work with the bra, just not with any of the chains Any and all ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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