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  1. Do you have the slif change set to instant or incremental? if incremental, try instant. idk if that's a fix. im just guessing. let me know if it works.
  2. yeah you can try to just not have the data but just the plugin of LE is what i tried to say.
  3. can someone please explain to me what the mysterious potion and jiggles actually do? apart from the inflation.
  4. HI does anyone here know where i can find more hand/feet tats? kinda bothers me that your whole body and face can be just black with ink everywhere and nothing on your hands.
  5. i dont use fertility mode myself (btw is it any good?) are you using a conversion, if so maybe try installing the LE version and have the SE version overwrite it. might cause some issues but you know could work.
  6. 3bb does have a belly node, mate. although its not really good and bodymorph would probably be better it does have one.
  7. what settings do you use? I ve got KShairdoss SMP and it just isnt working. the hairstyles dont seem to be recognized or found by YPS.
  8. well thats already in there in a way. just use the RND thats already implemented for it. outcome is the same good luck fighting someone when you havent slept for 2 days and then you could install defeat or something. you would get what you want
  9. I agree with NR 1 and NR 3 ( I would like to see turn on and off buttons for all the licenses instead of just the magic one. furthermore i would really like to see the bikini curse as something of an actual curse that gets cast on you randomly ( like cursed loot etc.) or some quests outcomes or something because i really like the bikini armors but i dont really have any incentive ingame to use them ( the binini license doesnt really make sense in my setup )
  10. I looked through it didnt see a se version of 1.3 tweaked can you link it?
  11. well only one way to find out. see if it crashes your game. didnt work for me
  12. Has someone already or can somebody made/make a cbbe 3bbb bodyslide conversion of this. It requires SMP, i think (not a modding expert at all). (if you cant do you the body can you perhaps do the heels if you can) Thank you.
  13. okay gonna do that too thanks for the idea
  14. the RGB craze has gone too far but gotta say really good idea
  15. well obvious thing is to check if it is being overwritten by anything, uncheck that and see if it changes. the immersion breaking when you first enter, i think is normal and you just get the whole conversation no matter what. you selected in mcm. ALSO loot and autosort i found to be really unreliable when it comes to these mods.
  16. hehe btw is there another version of you mod, maybe something a bit more rugged. i love the idea but i found them all to look like gigolos instead of guards etc. 😛
  17. well first of it depends on howmany other mods you want/need. how good are you with midding?
  18. damn the screenshots on your modpage really dont do it justice. this is one of the best mods that is on here. however no 3bbb SAD
  19. On the same note I enabled all the guard behaviours but they dont do anything except for curfew. this was precent before my update from 6.0. something to 6.23. starting a new game revealed that the guard behaviours do actually work so im guessing its a setting somewhere in the MCM any ideas as to where i should look?
  20. damnit so no fix for me its the hours of configuring the damned mcms
  21. yes, now i see it. the person that converted SLsurvival copied the descriptipn and i failed to take that into account. the other mods on monomans tweaks do seem to work fine tho. btw using the other amputator doesnt work with survival right? ( i believe ive read something like that, but im not sure anymore.) thanks
  22. How would i solve it? Put amputator above/under skeleton?
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