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  1. 4 minutes ago, skullgirls_ said:

    one of the textures for trauma is not good. it makes your character body turn blue(missing texture). if i disable trauma the body return to normal color. it s not my racemenu running out of overlay i checked and theres still 6 free body slot. and i checked the overlay that caused this has no name in racemenu.


  2. 22 minutes ago, RMCW said:

    Yeah I know. Like I said, progression content is nice, Monoman1's idea was more about initiating a quest you need to complete to remove the curse. Think it was that you would have to have aggressive sex with X females, using defeat or other, but it was just script notes.

    i didnt know about that but it sounds good, i guess. im a bit of a sucker for curses and forcing me to do something but i guess i would like a more submissive route back like earning a potion by slaving away or something like that

  3. On 11/23/2020 at 3:27 AM, RMCW said:

    I really like the Futa curse idea from the scripts comments, love any progression based content like that

    it kinda already exist in the form of gender bender

    when you go to sleep there's 10% chance of going futa or something like that. I'm no modder but making a patch between something in Survival like a scene or a potion to triggering that doesn't seem too difficult. 

  4. Hello,

    Dint999's HairPack2 0.0.9, https://www.patreon.com/dint999/posts?filters[tag]=SE

    (direct link)


    just drop this in YPS JSON mod with the other hairstyle wordpad document, 

    then add "[dint999] HairPack02.esp" to the list in the hairstyle database also located in the same folder.

    [dint999] HairPack02.esp.json

    There are only about 12 hairstyles or so but they look really good and I put in the right hairlenght and -styles.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Balgin said:

    I think that might already be included to a lesser extent in the fashion addiction system. It might count as no makeup (which hurts your confidence if you're addicted to having makeup in that slot).

    ah okay so just how it works i guess. 

    can you help me out a little bit im trying to add dint999s hairpack2 and btw SSE and i can't seem to properly add it.

    they are actual hairstyles not wigs

    if i try the hairstyle code in custom hairstyles it works so i must be doing something wrong in making the notepad.

    i added the hairstyles like this[dint999] HairPack02.jsonypsHairDatabase.json   in the JSONS mod. didnt change anything so i tried it in the YPS mod too also didnt change anything. any ideas. they arent being overwritten as if i screw them up i dont get hairstyles so it really must be something in these files but i can't tell the difference between dint999 hairpack02. json abd all the others that do work.

    any ideas

  6. 14 hours ago, nIn nIn nIn said:

    Toxic masculinity?


    Read - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxic_masculinity#:~:text=Toxic masculinity is thus defined,other emotions such as anger.


    Men can be masculine without being toxic. Real men cry when someone they love dies or gets hurt. Real men can wear a pink shirt and it doesn't mean anything (ie - not gay) and many etceteras can be added to that very short list of just 2 examples.

    If you can't be a "real man" without putting other men down who are "less" (in your eyes alone) then you are a toxic.

    I feel like this is a very woman view on you know something men should decide and i guess they did through being alive and doing what they do. that make sense? you can't relate to that just like they can't to you. Real men cry, i guess but not in front of you if you need support they are there for you like a dog going in the woods to die.

  7. 1 hour ago, thegratechin said:

    im trying to give some downloaded armors the bikini armor keyword in tesedit. i was able to get some to work but others are giving me a error: load order fileid cannot be mapped to fileid.


    anyone know why i might be getting this error im not very familiar with how it works so im a little confused why it was successful with one but not the other



    here, you can use this one. It is the whole though. normally i would link to the original but i forgot which one it was. so anyway 

    keep in mind this is 3bbb (smp) and i added Devious devices as a requirement cuz im trying to fix the armor slots. but it probably doesnt matter if you dont have DD


  8. hi, does anybody have the bikini armor mod for 3bbb smp and configured for DD and survival? 

    or does someone with the CK wanna help me with it. ive already got it configured for SLS but i dont have the CK so i cant change the armor slots cuz im not paying bethesda 3 times for the same game, maybe 4 at this point.

    Also can I manually add Dint999s hairmod to monoman's tweaked YPS thingy. I'm not entirely sure how it's set up or how I even got it working but yeah pls help.

  9. On 11/21/2020 at 10:11 PM, Corsayr said:

    You're questions wasn't worded to ask if they were different from each other. 😊


    Individually they do both make a difference, just it is the same difference at this time. 😉


    Now, if you use my SLAdv patch they do both have individual functions separate of each other, and I am trying to get Baka to add a tie in for SLAP... But Rome wasn't built in a day. 😄

    Sexlab adventures patch? what is this SLAdv patch and where do i find it?


  10. 20 hours ago, Corsayr said:

    The guards will tell you to get off the streets at night if you do not have one or the other, and you have set up Curfew.



    20 hours ago, Corsayr said:

    The guards will tell you to get off the streets at night if you do not have one or the other, and you have set up Curfew.


    yeah but there deoesnt seem to be a difference between it and the curfew license

  11. 16 hours ago, dePog said:

    Started using the latest version yesterday, with a new character so there wouldn't be any conflicts. However, I am tempted to go back to the previous version due to dialogue changes.

    Has the misogynistic comments that used to only come from males, now been added to female NPCs ? The first person I met (other than Ralof) was Gerdur, and she started calling me a bitch and slut. Then other females I met did similarly. Sort of wrecks the immersion when they alternate between saying nice things like "Hear is the key to the house. stay as long as you like, friend", then "Get out of my way, bitch!"

    Plus, when I added a male follower, he alternated between normal follower style conversation and derogatory speech. This wasn't the case in the previous version.

    I wasn't wearing any restraints, just normal clothing, so that wouldn't be the reason for the comments.


    Is this behaviour intended, or have I got a possible mod conflict? (Even though its the same modlist i was using with the previous Survival version)





    PS: Plus the extra sounds are ... well, .... sometimes less is more. Not a fan, but I could easily edit those out myself. Its the new female trash talk that is my main gripe, lol.

    you might wanna look at SL fame comments or something if you have that installed or updated recently

  12. 1 hour ago, Monoman1 said:

    I've been thinking lately that what survival really needs at this point is some kind of early game mechanics. Some kind of mercenaries type guild. Legio Damnatorum. You sign up or are forcible assigned maybe. Are given basic equipment and paired with some others. Either mercs (mercs need fodder to open suspicious containers or walk down inviting corridors first, so you leading them makes sense) or other 'budding adventurers' and given a task to clear a radiant dungeon/retrieve a radiant item/kill a radiant boss. You're not allowed to keep anything you find in the dungeon (this would be really difficult I think) but are awarded a licence of your choosing instead and maybe keep one thing from the dungeon.


    It's not even the beginning of an idea but I've really been struggling with the early game now and I think it needs..... something to allow you to actually play the game. 

    maybe you could have a grouping of like three or four mercenaries, inside the larger cities. they interject when the guards are "stealing" your weapons and armor and tell the guards they will buy it from you right there at a somewhat deflated rate if you join them on their next assigment of clearing out a bandit encampment. you get a choice between the normal of twell maybe. just trying to help herehe enforcers taking your stuff and you having to rebuy them later with a license and you getting some money for your starting gear, you probably dont really use more than 5 minutes anyway. so if you say yes. they can take you to the inn, where you can put your stuff in a chest (so they know you did't steal anything from the encampment you are about to storm). the first can be the embarshart mine, which goes relatively uneventful, you overcome the bandits quite easily thanks to the 4 mercenaries and you all walk out, no problem. you get a et amount of money for having helped and half of the value of the stuff you carried back to the city gate where before you enter the city they take the items, so you dont have to do anymore coding to make enforcers ignore you for half a minute when you walk to the inn etc. this seams cleaner than what i  thought of before.) anyway maybe after this first trial run they could give you contracts where the set amount for helping the increases but you have to help them for longer.

    3 times=150 + 30% value of the items for each encampment.

    5 times = 200 + 40% value of the items for each encampment.

    10 times = 300 + 40% value of the items for each encampment.

    and this just goes on like normal where if a encampment respawns they come and tell you within a few days (if you signed a contract with them) and you all go out and do it over again. you could put failure systems in there were sometimes one of 'em gets killed or badly injured and they retreat leaving you to fend for yourself, they could yell something like "you can have the girl." or sorry, girl. we're leaving and you would probably get SLDefeat'ed. you could then limp back and they could laugh off what happened to you and remind you of the contract you signed forcing you to go with them again for the amount of the you signed for or be enslaved by slaverun, simple slavery or they could go after you in a 2nd chance type deal just like the one in slaverun with escaped slaves that get hunted, where they ask you to just go with them first or be sold to the first two options. or maybe you could be forced to wear a whorecollar or something... 

    Hope you like the direction. 😛

    i hope you get something like this dont because survival does make it quite difficult in the early stages of the game to pay for everything, especially ocmbined with devious followers etc. something like this could solve it.

    good luck.

  13. 21 hours ago, AthenaESIV said:

    Since you're using YPS compatibility, how about debuffing longer hairs... Say 10st + and 10br + will reduce damage a certain % because it gives her enemies a handle to control her with during the fight and fling her around as she attempts to attack enemies. 


    Just dropping that in here since it seems to fit the theme pretty well.

    i'd also love to see more YPS integration. not sure that's it though but ive got nothing better. 😛

  14. okay yeah i think head hair in yps does something to it but tweaked didnt fix it

    if i turn head hair control off the gag doesnt open at all, when i have it turned on and equip the gag it works for 5 seconds.

    On 10/31/2020 at 5:49 PM, Monoman1 said:

    Presume you tried a new game? Scripts can be baked in otherwise. 


    Did you try my yps tweak? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/


    Supposed to solve the problem of the mouth closing when gagged with yps hair check. 

    any idea how to fix it? 

    where do i put yps in the loadorder for instance?

    relative to DD


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