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  1. I did. to clarify. I only find potions, but no curses or anything like that.
  2. are there triggers build in already. I thought it was done like cursed loot but after a few 100 looted bodies and containers, still nothing.
  3. Hi, looks really good. also can you make a list of your textures mods. i try and i try and i cant get it to look good, IF its not too much trouble.
  4. i didnt know about that but it sounds good, i guess. im a bit of a sucker for curses and forcing me to do something but i guess i would like a more submissive route back like earning a potion by slaving away or something like that
  5. it kinda already exist in the form of gender bender when you go to sleep there's 10% chance of going futa or something like that. I'm no modder but making a patch between something in Survival like a scene or a potion to triggering that doesn't seem too difficult.
  6. Hello, Dint999's HairPack2 0.0.9, https://www.patreon.com/dint999/posts?filters[tag]=SE (direct link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WOviY3mC7Zc9Nx408BTAMXK9DIdiwzeK/view?usp=sharing just drop this in YPS JSON mod with the other hairstyle wordpad document, then add "[dint999] HairPack02.esp" to the list in the hairstyle database also located in the same folder. [dint999] HairPack02.esp.json There are only about 12 hairstyles or so but they look really good and I put in the right hairlenght and -styles.
  7. ah okay so just how it works i guess. can you help me out a little bit im trying to add dint999s hairpack2 and btw SSE and i can't seem to properly add it. they are actual hairstyles not wigs if i try the hairstyle code in custom hairstyles it works so i must be doing something wrong in making the notepad. i added the hairstyles like this[dint999] HairPack02.jsonypsHairDatabase.json in the JSONS mod. didnt change anything so i tried it in the YPS mod too also didnt change anything. any ideas. they arent being overwritten as if i screw them up i dont get hairstyles so it
  8. I feel like this is a very woman view on you know something men should decide and i guess they did through being alive and doing what they do. that make sense? you can't relate to that just like they can't to you. Real men cry, i guess but not in front of you if you need support they are there for you like a dog going in the woods to die.
  9. can you make it so smudged lipstick and eyeshadow make you feel worse about yourself, not better. or is this already the case in which case something is messed up on my end.
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