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  1. I looked at them more in detail out of curiosity now. You're right actually, I apologize, even though the general shape of the tape mesh and parts of the rope mesh are quite similar, must've been one of those DAZ and XPS models. They both have a pretty big vertex/triangle count too, and I thought my rope was already intense in terms of that, lol. But also explains why the UV map seems broken. The gag's UV isn't quite flattened fully, making the tape texture look stretchy... And I don't even want to think about that rope's UV map, I had a brief look... but it's nightmare fuel >.<
  2. Looks to be a port of my rope and tape from DDx for Skyrim. The rope with some heavier mesh edits. But seems like the textures or the UV map broke along the way during the porting and deforming of the mesh to fit whatever the pose is. Shame either way that the credit never ends up reflecting any of this.
  3. Simple, this mod is just as much my mod as it is Kimy's. It's a 50/50. But I know already people dont care about that kinda stuff. It's her name on the thread and her name first everywhere else too, so it's not surprising to me that that is all people ever see. The conversation already happened in private, until t.ara decided that wasn't good enough and took it to the public. *shrugs* And a conclusion has been reached too, I'm just responding to people who keep bringing things back up.
  4. Completely irrelevant and out of context link you posted. Also very productive, cause nobody will be able to read it anyway since it's in german. Atleast it saves people wasting their time on it. Not that you have ever spent a minute on actually making a texture from scratch, downloading 'free' textures from across the interwebz doesn't count I'm afraid... My textures also weren't "well suiting" to those assets, from a visual point of view, maybe you can debate it, it's just subjective. I will disagree on that, I think it looked just bad. But from a technical point of vie
  5. No. It's the other way around, t.ara used the textures without asking in the first place. Considering the way Zap8 and 9 are handled, (there is still ported oblivion assets in them, which is illegal) and that it has a policy of taking and using anything that isn't nailed down. I dont want any of that to be associated with my work... So I asked him to just simply keep the textures the Zap furnitures have on them already. To which the response was essentially "don't care, will use them regardless, oh and also going to use even more of your stuff, if you don't like it change it back y
  6. Calling me a slave now? Nice. Mature. All I asked is for you not to use my textures and meshes on "your" furnitures (or rather just ZAP furnitures). Which already have their own textures in the first place. Somehow it's such an evil thing to do, not letting your grabby hands have complete free reign over my assets, which I created entirely by myself from scratch by the way. Your response to my request to just use the existing Zap textures on them was met with a response that basically amounted to you telling me that you don't care and that you will continue using my as
  7. I dont need to contact fore for that, when the output shown in that article only lists the DD , DD2 and DDSL folders. The DD3 folder was added in 4.1. So its just simple process of elimination. That being said I double and triple checked everything after this conversation just to make sure and there is actually one AAset too many in Fnis_DD_List since the petsuit was added for some of the animation groups.
  8. No. Fore used an old version of DD (4.0) in his tests. So you need to take all updates since 4.0 into consideration. All the AA sets that are defined in DD and DD2, aswell DD3 are also used in 4.3. There is no superfluous ones. Besides that, I cannot double check any of Fnis' output on this for version 4.3 since Fore hasn't released Fnis 7.5 yet. Personally I was thinking, if cutting down on animations or animation sets really becomes neccessary, that some of them could just be removed again - (if nobody decides to make use of them
  9. They already are and have been for a while, since 4.2. Those are not implemented yet. They can use the same textures as the other rope items, but Kimy has to add them. The colored rope items are also missing their equivalent ground/world objects at the moment. They can use the same textures aswell, but also still need to be added and assigned one of the two rope ground objects I made.
  10. Classy. I don't think my posts broke any rules or were insulting. They are on topic too, addressing your post about DDa, correcting a few things that simply just are not true. But of course it is easier to call for censorship when someone tells you that you're wrong about something, instead of actually having a conversation. If I'm mistaken about something you said, you could just say so, but you didn't even bother to do that.
  11. I've set it up so the text on the collar can be easily changed on the texture, but for now I exported all variants of the texture with "Maid" on it. Not sure sure if I should put other text on like the red and white variants, technically their still just maid outfits too. Although "Slave" might still fit too I suppose. The tray 'will' be equipped with items. Running around with an empty tray would make the entire thing kinda pointless. It probably won't be displaying items from your inventory on it though, don't know if it would even work from a technical point of v
  12. Not quite. Here's a hint: It's not a body part! That's exactly what the colors for the maid outfits already are. I made textures for all three of the familiar colors in DD, plus secondary colors for the frills etc. So the black ebonite/leather has black as primary color and white as secondary. The red variant has red as primary and black as secondary. The white variant has white as primary and pink-ish as secondary.
  13. Not quite, but you're right that it's not the nipples :P. Eh, the skirt's physics work fine. I had some trouble with the skirt's hdt bones breaking when I combined the skirt with the top into one piece, but I figured out the solution for it. The quality of the physics could probably be improved a little, but I would have to redo all the skin weights and set up my own hdt bones & rigid bodies to do that. HDT PE can work absolutely fine with skirts, it's just that in most cases the rigidbodies and physics values weren't set up & tweaked very well.
  14. I might. I've wanted to do a version of both armbinder and elbowbinder that don't cover the hands & fingers for a while now. So it's not a bad idea to make a version that also cuts down on the shoulder straps etc. Been hard at work on new metal cuffs and the any and all maid devices lately. Most of the maid stuff is finished already, been work on on and off for the last month+ mostly going back and forth with trying to keep the hdt of the skirt intact and redoing the leather and ebonite textures a couple times over. The original maid outfit this one is base
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