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  1. Yeah! that was the problem. and I think the gold mine is not finished yet. Maybe the mod is abandoned because of this problem...
  2. My character is trading 100 already so that's not... So you mean you bought only one business... I bought all the business at one time. May be that's why it's not working. Thanks anyway.
  3. fejeena/ Yes, I have OBSE TDA/ Yes, the workers... but did you say they just wander? In my oblivion, they don't even show up... Did you do something with it?
  4. Hello. I am a newbie who wants to learn how to script something. Recently, I found a mod called "Tamriel Resource Exchange" and the concept of the mod is pretty good so I installed it and played some. But scripts seems doesn't work at all or half working I think... I tried to contact with the modder but he/she did not answer yet but I really want to see it working because The idea was too good... I cannot upload whole mod but I just want to know that the moder is doing right... below is some part of the scripting... scn TRXCornFarmControlScript int choice
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