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  1. IsPlayable works only with armours? Ugh-oh.. Lots of my scripts rely on that function to make sure tokens or any other items marked "non playable" (from other mods or vanilla) are not affected by anything what I'm doing with regular items. Sp weapons and ammo fix will be extremely useful.)
  2. @ArgusSCCT What's the ultimate goal of your code? Fill-up leveled list with listed weapons from arrays? If you can explain what exactly you need - maybe I can come up with something useful.
  3. Lutana NVSE plugin just got updated to V5, now it has "HasPerkRank" function. also take a look at this info:
  4. +1 maybenexttime. glasses are from "Operation Mirai" by Bunsaki, on F3 nexus (also there's an esp for FNV)
  5. I have a little request for new function (not right now though, but for the future updates, I know there's a lot of other, more complicated things in NVSE with higher priority). Player.HasPerk SomePerkID returns 1 or 0 in script, and returns "perk rank →→ 1" if typed into console. It will be great to get some HasPerk2 function that will return this string via script, so I can just do Let svRank := Player.HasPerk2 SomePerkID, and svRank will be "perk rank →→ 1" I know people were looking for solution how to track perk ranks for a long time, and still there's only one way to track it, new entry point for each rank with ability that will +1 some value (and incompatibility issues bc of such way of tracking). But string var with "perk rank" will fix it once and for all.
  6. Nope. Something like this http://www.gamemapscout.com/falloutnewvegas_interactive.html but with more options. User markers, quest tracking (just like in vanilla Pipboy, but it's definitely out of the current NVSE functionality, so it will probably require some more coding =\), wiki info, maybe something else what we can add on map or what we can do with map. Harsh..) No, my friend. I already did some action to show possibilities. Now I'm doing talking for those who like to see things from mod user point of view to show them what exactly is WOW OMG (not UI mod) =D
  7. From mod user point of view - it's a piece of crappy font strings on the display, and I agree with such point xD From scripting point of view - it's a little bit different. Like DoctaSax said a month ago in array tutorial: And what's the best use of arrays, strings and UDFs all together? Managing extreme amounts of information, refs, vals, vars, hex, blabla, and output it all in a nice, little (but unlimited) grid, if you want. That's what this inventory menu is made of (+ some magic from Jaam) =) So, what's so special? Possibilities. This menu is just one way to use all the functionality we have now in NVSE4+. What's next? How about interactive map (like those made in flash, available for download from the internet)? Clothing eval menu out of the MCM? Nice little contraceptive menu pop-up? Or complete rework of whole RPG system, dynamic, easy to tweak and kicking vanilla in the face? Who knows) Easy? No. Possible? Yes. How? NVSE4+.
  8. Okay, got my rest, feel better now. And little bit confused. Looks like I need new subarray for every new form+number. Like subarray1, subarray2, subarray3, subarray4, etc. And I will end up with 50+ subarrays =\ That's a good way, but the more items - more subs. Anyway, thank you for your time good sir, I really appreciate your help =3
  9. Yeah, UDF example in tutorial is great, so I understand how it works. And thanks for new comparison for $forms =) The thing I can't get is this: [0][0] := base object 1 [0][1] := condition for the inv ref (I guess) How can I have an array with [0][0] and [0][1] keys? I'm definitely loosing logic. Tried something like this. for array ar_append array1[0][0] Form let array1[0][0] := Form for stringmap let array1["0"][0] := Form Obviously, it's not working) I'm doing something very stupid, 100%
  10. I have no idea how to, I'm too tired to understand even simple things, but once I get some sleep - I will try. Thank you very much!
  11. I have a serious problem with my arrays, and I'm in deep frustration, bc I have no idea how I can fix it. I have 2 arrays, array1 full of base objects, array2 full of values (condition, I can gather those values only once with Inventory references ForEach). Those values are at the same keys as base objects in array1. It looks like this: And I'm happy with it basically, until I try to sort arrays. If I will sort array1 by name - I want array2 elements get sorted as well. So, if 9mm Pistol in array1 at key [3.00] after sorting (into array3) is at key [12.0] - I want array2 element at key [3.00] be at key [12.0] (in array4) So I will have nice alphabetically sorted array3 with base objects and I will be able to access their values at same keys in array4. Thought about using stringmap, but keys with the same name will not work. Right now I'm thinking about to keep all the info in one array like "[0.00] 9mm Pistol___0.3", sort it, and then loop through that array and sv_split each element into new array and ar_append new elements into 2 new arrays.. something like that, clearly have no idea if this thing will work at all. update. This thing worked fine foreach loop let SomeString := $Iter + "___" + $Condition ar_append array1 $SomeString if nuked == 1 let ArraySorted := ar_sortalpha array1 let iSize := ar_size ArraySorted set nuked to 2 endif if nuked == 2 if iSize != 0 let array2 := sv_split $ArraySorted[0] "___" ar_append array3 array2[0] ar_append array4 array2[1] ar_erase ArraySorted 0 set isize to isize -1 elseif isize == 0 set nuked to 3 endif endif A little bit slow due to iSize to iSize -1, but at least something =\ Still curious maybe there's a less strange and faster way to achieve what I need. Uptade2 Just realized that I can't access such data as GetBaseDamage from array containing base objects, because they are stings. Oh dear...
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