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  1. I just changed in Tes5Edit the pee spell to lesser power and think it is more logical if pee is lesser power of player.)
  2. Dump says only about this ctd and only about this problem, not about overall game stability at all. I already talked several times about conditionals only with which it happens but will repeat another time with additional details and screens: 1. It ONLY happens when parameter UseOSAllocators=1 in Crash Fixes ini. 2. It ONLY can happen if was made savegame with equipped cloth parts with hdt physics like "HDT test skirt mod" or HDT wigs. 3. UseOSAllocators=1 causes hdt cloth freeze or stretch when savegame was just loaded and some other item was equipped. After game only loaded it can happen when some mod script automatically equipped something. Freezes\stretches will be fixed when freezed\stretched hdt cloth will be reequipped. Freeze\stretch can be repeaded in some situation lately as I think if was changed location or in something kind of conditions. 3. It is not happen with HDT body\boobs\butt or even with HDT hairs. This parts working as intended and not freezing\stretching or not causing ctd on load. 4. With UseOSAllocators=0 all is working as intended with no any promlems. Here screens with added description which I made: 1. UseOSAllocators=1. Game was only loaded. Mostly it is like vanilla game with several HD texture replacers and couple UI mods. Also installed and equipped Dints Nier Automata Dress HDTPE conversion(HDTPE skirt, HDTPE sleeves on dress, HDTPE wig), HDTPE earrings and HDTPE cloak(Nier boots not equipped). It is place from Alternative Start scenario start "I live in forest" with standart breton race - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uidgkbwvji33ilc/HDTclothfreeze 2018_10_20 10_11_07_63.jpg 2. Screenshot where was equipped boots and HDTPE cloth parts become freezed. Place of player changed to demonstrate cloth freeze. Player was on place of hdtpe parts freeze when boots was equipped - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qd680wff94augna/HDTclothfreeze 2018_10_20 10_16_34_92.jpg 3. Other situation when game was just loaded but instead of boots was reequipped dress and all hdtpe parts was stretched to some other place - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gekjqwfoi3od17/HDTclothfreeze enb 2018_10_20 10_10_40_24.jpg 3.1 Place in which was stretched hdtpe clothes. It is made in TFC mode on not loaded locations anly only lods on the screen - https://www.dropbox.com/s/srg570tvlzrf3tj/HDTclothfreeze 2018_10_20 10_10_28_60.jpg It happens only with UseOSAllocators=1 and cant be repeatable with UseOSAllocators=0. Same settings and xmls working without any problems with UseOSAllocators=0. And ofcourse with UseOSAllocators=0 no any(even rare) ctd after game loaded. I will repeat I tried tons of variant of setting and xmls from many sites on several completely different mod configurations and only thing which I found it is UseOSAllocators=1. As I talked I still plaing with UseOSAllocators=1 because long play time on very heavy modded game possible only with this enabled parameter. With standart two buffers some game situations with many npcs and magic effects will devour all 32bitSkyrim process memory and game just will crash. Rare crash on load or single hdtpe cloth stretch it is not a big deal for me but it is just very interested(matter of principle) to find find the cause and fix for this. You talked about memory cache and UseOSAllocators=1 is changing memory using by game and maybe this is have effect on hdtpe dll. I suppose only Hydrogensays would say something about this but I doubt if it is possible to find this autor.
  3. In my case it happens(ctd with hdtpe dll) with any variants. Ofcourse all things fully updated(OS, drivers, soft, game, skse plugins, mods) with never possible versions and was used all possible variants of xml and ini options. No any problems( like ass jiggling) with hdt body but only with cloth parts with physix and only in conditions which was described. My heavy modded game with tons of scripted mods working very good because I fixed thousands errors in installed esps and scripts and in most cases I just using exit button from game to exit. And this problem is still exist and sometime happens in described conditions and I cant find fix for it. It will be good if you can recommend which specific configurations and ini options I can try but I suppose I already tried them. Anyway they(ctds righ after game loaded with equipped physix cloth) happens quite rare and it is not so problem like it seems but it is interested to know more about this and find options which can at least reduce it(UseOSAllocators=0 can fix it but it is not a good variant for heavy modded game).
  4. Latest version of Defeat where I see no Devious Captures mcm record. It is january 2018 defeat fixed version(only english mcm translation txt has 17.02.2018 modification time). defeatfixed.zip
  5. Sorry for necropost. It is just for additional info. Sometime I also have same crash on savegame load and it happens with next conditions: --installed crash fixed, loaded with preload, in crashfixes CrashFixPlugin.ini parameter UseOSAllocators set to 1; --game was saved when player has equipped one or more parts of clothes with HDT-PE physx. It happens only sometime. Also in same conditions after save loaded all parts of equipped clothes usually freezed while player reequipped them. My mod configuration working mostlly stable only when UseOSAllocators=1 and only rare crashes on save load is what I notices when started to play game with UseOSAllocators=1(and ofcourse other possible problems which already described in crash fixes documentation like crash if select many hairs for main char in racemenu) but on my opinion it much better of standard larged memory blocks (atleast in my very heavy configuration with many mods and several big dynamic patches). With larger memory blocks my game just crash after some little time and I see slow work of perks menu. I suppose it is kind compatibily problems of HDT-PE with UseOSAllocators=1 mode from Crash fixes. Still not found solution and it would be very good if somethere will be something like fixed hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll (or sometimes I will learn assembler and will understand how to fix it ). Latest text from crashdump if it will be interested for someone:
  6. Was kind of same problem when before animation start player was teleported to giant camp(animation triggered by any mod but it was not each time). As I remember it was old changed sslActorAlias.pex which was changed by old "More nasty creatures Sexlab patch"(I have MO and just forgot about this patch and after some version of MNC(or newer Defeat?) bug appeared). When I updated patch from MNC page bug disappeared. Try to check maybe you have some installed patch for Sexlab which changing sslActorAlias or other Sexlab script and restore original sexlab files or update patch to newest version.
  7. Just checked it again in game in this time. Checked it on npc bandits(in cave which on the path to Riverwood) with default Defeat mcm settings(didnt changed Defeat settings after activation from mcm). And I can say it is kind of working. Both checks Defeat was triggered by Death Alternative(message "Defeat DA Trigger selected" in papyrus.log). In second time I found Defeat mcm option "Player can resist" was deactivated by default. From strange things I saw after bandit unequipped armor and pushed player to surface for resisrance check("Player can resist" activated) he just continued to use sanbox and go to sleep and for animation player was teleported to second bandit. Also checked surrender key and it also working. I think before playing with Defeat very important to set up Defeat settings for own tastes and use Export function to not waste time for it in next time. Im playing with Defeat which I set up for myself and just used Import each time and because think I didnt encounter with kind of problems. Many thigns like chance for assault or group rape or resist option can be just disabled\set to 0%-10% in mcm options and make illusion like defeat is not working. Maybe here also possible some conflicts with mods. If there is some errors from Defeat or DA then they can be logged in Papyrus.log.
  8. Didnt see kind of changes. In the readme for CF and AC only changes for already exist functional. CF from defeatfixed readme: AC from defeatfixed readme: In my heavy mod configuration game become only more stable.
  9. On new game same problem? If Devious Devices not installed then need to install Scripts folder from NO DD folder(in defeatfixed archive). Also try to restore save before savecleaning and clean with another variant:
  10. Most likely it mean functionality was released with other methods (faster or more stable methods). Just some functions working with other code. In full defeatfixes archive where is not only SL Defeat mod for each mod folder added txt with description what was made for each mod.
  11. In defeatfixed archive is full fixed version which includes all required files. Maybe some scripts was just removed because some functions was made with another way or moved to other scripts. Author of defeatfixes for example removed most of scripts from Creature framework. As I already wrote in the message above I just checked it again and Defeat was activated without any problems(it is on heavy modded game). If SL Defeat is installing on save where is already was installed older version then need to made clean save(remove Defeat\Clean save from Defeat scripts\load cleaned save and resave game without Defeat\Install Defeat).
  12. It is strange. Im using Death Alternative and didnt encounter with this problem with last versions. Checked it again started new game then waited while all MCM loaded then activated Defeat then in DA mcm registered quests and activated DA. I see Defeat options in DA mcm menu in bleeding options and in death options. It is some problems in game? Also read here something about this but didnt noticed but also didnt used Defeat so many time to notice the problem in game.
  13. Yeah, forgot to add this because didnt use it because in previous version in this bsa was zadlibs.pex script which was breaking game when Devious devices mods was installed and only in several last updates of defeatfixed zadlibs.pex was moved sa option to No DD folder . This bsa contains only SkyUILib mod and if SkyUILib already installed or installed any mod with included SkyUILib like Violens - Killmove mod then this bsa can be ignored. You can just update 030918 version. For update from 030918 with Banemaster's fixes need only esp. Anyway updated archive with bsa and NO DD optional folder from original defeatfixed030918 archive attached. Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018).zip
  14. It means in defeatfixed english esp was russian strings and Banemaster restored strings in action messages but was also russian strings in dialogs and they also was restored. It was just esp changes and because can be easy updated.
  15. Thanks. I reupdated eng version from defeatfixed030918 (added your fixes and restored rest eng strings in dalogs(must be all now)). Here is updated variant and in this archive also saved modification times for files: Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018).zip
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