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  1. Would it be possible to add a hotkey to toggle the enforcer? I'm sure you could just modify the slv_mcm.psc but I'm not really sure exactly what would need to be done.
  2. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could give me some detailed steps on how to properly add the pregnancy belly slider to the ERF Female Schlong mod. I made an honest 2 hour attempt at trying to figure it out, and got pretty close but the physics ended up really screwed up. Would just appreciate someone more experienced telling me how.
  3. Yo, I was wondering if there's a mod or way to make all npc's use unarmed instead of their weapons. Kinda feel like doing a punchy playhrough, and thought it'd be interesting if everyone was punchy. I have mods to make unarmed stronger and stuff, but nothing to make npc's use it exclusively. I'd be interested in anything like this even if it excludes mages and whatnot.
  4. For your CBBE breast physics issue, check to see if you have an additional female xpmsse mod loaded. I did from Kokan's guide, and removing that fixed this issue.

  5. Has anyone else had the issue where the breast physics go crazy during sexlab animations? Not for my character but npcs. Basically at the start of an animation the breasts will seem to be pulled upward by the nipples, then things only git worse from there eventually the breasts turn into a stretched out helicopter rotor. Some testing has revealed the following: Not a framerate issue (tried installing havok fix, nada) and my game runs at solid 60fps. Everything is up to date. seems to only affect NPCs with SMP enabled. Not a load order issue. A
  6. Yeah, I think I saw something like that in MCCC. It's not really what I'm after. I'm more looking for disabling career outfits for every sim in the game active, inactive and unplayed ones, everyone. It's probably pretty difficult to do I'd imagine.
  7. Hey, I'm looking for a mod, that may or may not exist, that disables career outfits. When I say disable I mean completely, like no sim in the game would use them (maybe they use their everyday outfit instead). If it doesn't exist can someone make it?
  8. Hey, is it possible to make MCC's max sim count in household be higher than 25? Yeah I know it's dumb and all that I'm just wondering if it can be done or how to do it. My sim won't get pregnant anymore and I think this is the reason. I tried downloading full house and try for baby larger size and modding it to go to 100 instead of 25 but no dice. Thanks.
  9. So does this mean there won't be any new updates for oldrim?
  10. Hey Kenjoka, glad you're alive. I seem to have found an issue with the newest version, I'm not entirely sure what's up but the enforcer is overriding my FNIS_PCEA2 animations and setting them to the vanilla ones. If I had to guess I'd say it has something to do with the crawling animation. When I have that disabled it happens;however, when it is enabled the crawling animation is forced and my animations aren't changed back to vanilla. Also, if it helps, it seems that this issue is also resetting the camera i.e. when using free camera it will often switch back to the normal camera.
  11. The collisions are not working well for me. The vag and anus stretch to outrageous proportions.
  12. Hey, I'm trying out the alpha version. I seem to be having issues with the mod reading the config files. The mod just flat out pretends like the config file doesn't exist (the one with the name and tattoo configs). Also, I don't know if all the alpha features are supposed to be working but ones like the "reporting in," options (i.e. confiscate gear, money etc.) don't work at all either. Anyone else having these issues? it's only the alpha previous versions work fine, I've also compared the config files from previous versions with the alpha and they're mostly identical except for som
  13. Yeaaaah.... So as I said, I got the games physics working with that fix for the ini. That's what I meant initially. As far as I know, there are no issues after playing for awhile. However, the HDT issue I mentioned initially is still a problem that everyone just kinda seemed to sidestep and talk about how the physics can't work at higher framerates. I have a 144Hz monitor and I've capped the framerate at 100 and no issues so far; so can someone help me with the HDT issue?
  14. So I've managed to get the games physics to be ok with about 100fps. However, my HDT mods and whatnot have noticable been affected, mainly in the form of jitter and spasms. Is there a fix for >60 fps HDT or is this a hardcoded limit?
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