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  1. Peek thru windows. Yes, possibly disturbing thought to some, but still it's a wish. 😉
  2. Thank you so much! Probably should have asked earlier. Now on to some modding adventures and hopefully I don't let out too many dragons in my load order. Thanks again.
  3. This is my first post. I have been lurking around here awhile. You may have heard me in your closet rattling around, and FYI there is a fucking big spider in there. I have somewhat recently been modding Skyrim and Skyrim SE. My daughters question why I play at such a hard level, cause I'm always dying. Its the same reason I use Frostfall and INeed. I love realism. Gold should be heavy and hard to find. Monsters should womp your ass, and no matter how interesting it may appear at first, seeing someone having wild sex in the village square with everyone else oblivious to it; it just seems odd. I've tried to find mods that make sex and discovering people, critters in the act (skip the spiders please) more realistic, but it feels contrived and even less natural than stumbling across a grumpy Frost troll. Sex generally is something done more in one's bedroom, or in a barn or maybe in the shadows, rather on the jarl's kitchen table. I'm wondering if there are some mods that add that layer of reserve or fear of being caught, or cultural propriety, as well as making it more natural in how it develops and is found. Maybe it's the wish of catching someone in the act, or discovering some illicit affair. 'The baker and his daughter do seem really close, I wonder if...?' 'That hunter seems VERY friendly with her wolfhound, could it be?' 'What's that sound in the alley, it isn't someone actually being..?' Even when we watch porn, there is often a voyeuristic quality to it. We may wish it could be us, but even just watching or discovering is good enough. Unfortunately in Skyrim we can't peek thru any windows and when I've added mods (like the Sexlabs ones like Eager NPC's or Flower Girls ones, etc) it often feels very scripted. I can command that everyone and their kid brother is doing it with everyone else's kid brother, but then it seems like I stumbled into bad cut from Caligula, or if they actually are doing it behind closed doors, how would I even know? Is there some spell mod or listening thru the keyhole mod (when I'm not breaking lockpicks in it)? I understand the limits, this is ten year old Skyrim, not a visit to Westworld. I just would like it if someone is going at it in the village green, that their husband isn't telling you at the same time that he's the captain of the guard. Or where the father is more likely to go after you with a pitchfork when you're, ah um, helping his daughter, um milk the cow, rather than sharing with you about that nasty knee injury that keeps him adventuring. Am I not searching in the right forums? I've felt like I've read a lot, there is so much out there, I tend to get lost in all the posts so to say. I'm just curious about this and if I'm overreaching or just ignorant and should shut up just tell me and I'll sneak back into my, that is your closet. Any advice would be helpful and please do keep an eye out for that spider...
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