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  1. Okay so i managed to fix Nisa's problem but I'm still having issues with the sims 4 community lib. I don't understand what issue i might have left when I've been deleting eveyrhting that may be causing the problem Sims4CommunityLib_Exceptions.txt
  2. Hi! I've tried to play the sims 4 and when I click to play on my household it loads but then its completely empty and none of my sims are showing, I got both notfications saying Nisa Error and theres an output in my game and another notification saying exception detected in the sims 4 community library, I tried to remove the possible problems but it's still doing the same thing, please help! I'll attach both Nisas Last Exception and CommunityLib exceptions below! Nisas_Last_Exception.txt Sims4CommunityLib_Exceptions.txt
  3. So I've been playing sims 4 for awhile now and I've been getting a notification that says conflicting animating rig and to look in my mods folder for what might be the problem. I also been having problems involving the penis, they become distorted and would float during animation and there would be a floating tongue near the sims head. I did everything and even followed under penis issues and it still says it, please help. I'll even add my exception files below. lastException.txt lastException_63731950627.txt lastException_63731960041.txt lastException_63731998971.txt
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