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  1. Yeah, I didn't mention ED to suggest incorporating it's cultivation systems as it's sometimes too confusing, more of it's a good read if you like an MC that is a bit different to normal cultivation novels. I have tried reading Er Gens ISSTH, could never get into it though, I think I just didn't like Meng Hao, I may have to try it again as I hear it's a good novel. I quite enjoyed Warlock of the Magus World and Martial World though, and currently reading RMJI which I am enjoying quite a bit but soon going to catch up to current translation .
  2. I am also eagerly waiting :), cant wait to start a cultivation clan and pursue the Dao. Emperors domination is another great novel, over 3000 chapters so it's quite a long read though, but Li Qiye is one hell of an mc XD.
  3. Wow, didn't think I'd see a Xianxia mod, very excited for the CK3 version. reminds me of Record of a mortals journey to immortality. Are you going to also have different sects in the future, like Devil dao and Buddhist sects with different cultivation methods?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I might give it a try in the future, if I have the time, sounds simple in theory but difficult in practice. Might be good to increase my meagre (non-existant) CK2 modding skills though.
  5. Hi, really enjoy this mod, but just wondering if more than two demon kingdoms can exist in multiplayer or does it exist as a single title that can only be acquired once. If unique, how would I go about manually changing this in the mod file, would I need to make a duplicate kingdom title that is created if the original already exists? cheers.
  6. I'm getting this as well, not getting the option to invite is pobably causing it
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