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  1. make all these mods yourself. i can, whats your excuse?
  2. i aged with the phrase then. cuz i get it.
  3. do it yourself. simple as that. but you cant can you? most with a patreon page have a good reason (it takes hours and hours) to make something competent.(please keep posting how it has to stop) it wont. to those who want to learn, id be glad to help you. and i wont do it through patreon. knowledge should be free. i myself am learning, but i know blender.
  4. working to make renders to then use as signs for a retail videogame store. i am modeling all the cc now but had to break off to make this first poster. i made the carts and system (both from the mod im working on)
  5. I am new to all this stuff. but I have been practicing. what's wrong with this image? I crave that sweet sweet constructive criticism.
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