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  1. thx for the input it is war crime. you know who i am. more or less when it leads to something personal it isnt and better. illustration into film is the no no and i am not looking here to storytell with that being part of the bungle. jean Luc godard. where should we go from here? thx rich
  2. earned some honor:award as poet / writer and more with jean Luc godard interested in exploring collaboration with storytellers animation sex is interesting i am straight male unique dna beauty is in our sister ....sisters..... interested? exploring? lets talk. thx rich jean Luc godard fdr
  3. having a partner would be great starting out what would i need if anything to download thx rich jean Luc godard
  4. from watching through a desktop into an obsessed viewer with a glaring unifying force pulling together Lust/Love....years.....insane? the ultimate? the best next to intimacy and how are we to find each other in person....thoughts? what if results included procreation? they do. thoughts? xrich
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