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  1. Great Mod. Thanks a lot for this. It seems to work mostly as expected. But i think i found a bug: Im not sure that the slider for the reporting people is working correctly. The description says, it sets the percentage of people NOT paying. But i think its the other way round. I set it to 20% and it starts with 5 out of 10 "clients" reportet to the thane So i set it to 5% and now i get 0 out of 10. After this i tried 90% and now i get in the next round 5 out of 5 customers and 7 out of 10, what seems reasonable. Oh, and i dont get
  2. Hi again, was a bit strange. the console couldn't find "sqv 0kal_insleep". I tried to go to bed again, to see, what will happen.... Mistress now said something like "rise and shine" and this seem to end the quest. And no the "E"-key works normally again. Thanks for Your help. By the way - I really like this feature
  3. Hi, very nice mod! I have a little problem here with "sleeping in an Inn". I used the hotkey "E" to sleep, what works, but "E" is also the vanilla hotkey to activate or speak to someone. And now the game always asks me how long i want to sleep when i try to talk to someone. Can i change the hotkey somehow? Oh, and merry Christmas/happy hollidays everyone!
  4. you are asking for ideas for version 2.0? Something i really like to see in the main quest would be a cage in the Lost Retreat, with the spouse in. In the main hall, if possible, and without a door, so escape is not possible. Only the Serpent can teleport in and out. And the spouse is watching in horror the humilation of the dragonborn
  5. if You are looking for ways to "helping the player out" especially in early playing.. - what about a kind of a sponsor, a "friend" who helps you out with money at the lower levels. Surley he want his money back later, a lot of money... you should have read the fine print... but on higher levels money is often not the problem
  6. I have a little idea for Your wonderfull mod and i hope You like it I call it "Corrupt Toll Collector" Passing a gate at night now becomes even more dangerous, than now there is a chance (percentage to set in the MCM, if possible) that the PC will meet a Toll Collector in very bad mood. TollC.: »Hold it, woman! Show me Your papers.« PC.: »Here they are, Sir.« TollC.: »What is this? Where do You store this important documents? In the arse of a swamp troll? Its unreadable!« PC.: »If You just bring it a bit closer to the light, Sir, You may...« TollC.: »No.
  7. The tailor is a bit tricky. You can only hire her at the market, when she is at her shop/cart. I met her once in the Winking Skeever in the evening and she didnt has the dialog-option to hire her.
  8. I have al little suggestion for Guard Behaviour maybe you cam make helmets and hoods (slod 31) to something forbidden (instead of armor in general)? Guard shall not allow women to hide theire beautiful hair and faces. And if they have "forgotten" to pay the toll they can't disguise with a hood, re-entering the town.
  9. Youre right. The sentence is there. i skipped it because i didnt realise that i was short of coin. Just finished the last quest (Timble). Everything works fine, as usual. Thanks again for this great mod.
  10. Hi, i played 1.06 with a new character and everything workes fine. No flaws, no real problems. Again i have to say: very good work. i have one ore two minor things to report. I couldn't get the charter but found out soon, that i simply haven't enough money. Here Madam Palm could give the player a hint like: "seems youre a bit short of coin, sweetie" On my mission on hireing the harlots the little orphan girl in Windhelm forcegreeted me to sell her flowers. I could have used the "madam power" to recruit her. I doubt that this will work (I didnt try but it shouldnt). May
  11. The daggers are a nice addon. The little details are given your mod some special atmosphere, i really like. Im using sexlab confabulation. This mod offers a sexual (whore) way to get the guild quests done. So thats fitting perfect with your mod. keep up the good work ;-)
  12. just played through 1.03. Almost everything works fine. One bug - the conversation with Hulda stucks after my char said something like "a Hi from Ysolda". Hulda answers but i cannot finish the conversation and ask for the posters to be placed. Another thing;: after asking Maul for Madam Palm i have to go the Thieves Guild Route. I can't switch to the other route, because Keveraa and Helga dont have the Dialogue to ask for the Madame. And for the Name of the Mod - What about roman letters: SeamstressGuild II. The 2.0 is a bit confusing when it goes on with 1.
  13. With the new version the dialogues running smooth and fine - but Ysolda doesn't show up in the Bunkhouse in the end.
  14. Very nice! My favorite brothel mod seems to get even better. I started a quick playthrough. The quest for getting the bunkhouse stucks at stage 10, i moved on with the console to stage 11 and than 20 and everythings running fine. I hired the hostess, get the guild-amulett, but i dont have new dialogues with Ysolda in the bunkhouse. End of content?
  15. Thanks for the update. I like the new stuff a lot. I tried the argonian quests. works fine, but - i dont understand what Stands-In-Shallows wants. He says something about "5 faces" (?). How to finish this? Edit: found out - you have to tell 5 males of your race what you have done.
  16. i got a bug here ... whenever my char get envicted, the game freezes. I tried in Solitude and Riften. The Toll Collectors burst in, saying theire opening sentences, but before the "town delinquent" can answer - freeze
  17. i've had a similar problem in Windhelm after SD+ (Sanguines Debauchery) robbed my equipment. I disabled the licence system and to my surprise was told, that 2 licences were removed from my equipment. After reenabling the licence-system, i can buy the licences i need.
  18. I have found a little bug. Fettig, the solitute beggar gave me his clothes. The rags should give a speech-debuff, but they give a +50 bonus instead. And i try the female Thalmor, but she is referred as "he" and is speaking with a male voice the most time.
  19. between the farms, not far form the Whiterun stable, Around Pelagia(?) farm. On the other side of the road. There should be a map marker in the new version.
  20. They both have a kennel. Survival inside whiterun, Troubles of Heroine outside the city. I accidently installed 1.6.4 with both esp. So i found out, that the "without zaz" is working better as the other one. Its the first time i can play the book-quest. And the painter in Solitute is a very good addition!
  21. Well, the hint with the key was ... well, the key ;-). I lost the keys eventually during the game, and cleaning the save may have resulted in erasing the fact, that i once had them. I get the key back with the console - and now, eviction is working again. (Beta 3) Thanks for the quick help.
  22. im testing the beta on a clean save. So far everything seems fine, with one exeption - the eviction isnt working. i tried with old bounty in riften and with a new earned bounty in windhelm. in both cases no eviction at night.
  23. I agree. There could be new dialogs with the shopkeepers, something like. "Ah, it's You, the false Dragonborn. Well, i'm still willing to trade my goods with You, but first i need compensation." "For what?" "I have given You a gread discount, because I thougt You were the Dragonborn, but now ... anyway, Give me 500/1000 Gold as a compensation, and we can trade again"
  24. Its okay 😉 And i agree. it make sense. More camps to visit, more whoring to do. thats fine for me ...
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