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  1. I found the Last Exception Assistant by TURBODRIVER today and uploaded the attached file to it. It gave me this message: Script Mod Import Error (wickedwhims.relationships.attractiveness) Broken/Outdated mod is importing the 'wickedwhims.relationships.attractiveness' module. A broken or outdated modification is attempting to import the 'wickedwhims.relationships.attractiveness' module and fails. The mod is too new, the game is too old, or the required mod is missing I updated updated my Wicked Whims mod and made sure my game was updated and repaired, but I'm still getting the last exception message. Does anyone know how I could fix this? lastException_63738663496.txt
  2. Great, I didn't even know this existed! Thank you!
  3. i've played with nisa's wicked perversions for a while now and this happens ever time. sims with the sensually tight trait get tears after having sex, but the ones around their mouth dont come off like the rest of the tears once the buff expires. so far the only way i've found to fix this is to remove the files from the mods folder, run the save, and then add it back. i couldn't find any other way to contact nisa, since there's no link to anything on the page and she only says to create a forum.
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