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  1. Your mod requires AWKCR, but it doesn't actually use AWKCR, so can I clean up masters and play with no worries?
  2. You need to install TBB Redistributables, it's on the Buffout download page (drag to game folder). The author doesn't make it clear that TBB is also a requirement. If your game not launch after that, do the following: In the game folder, look for "xSE PluginPreloader.xml", open it with a text editor, and change <LoadMethod Name="OnProcessAttach"> to <LoadMethod Name="ImportAddressHook">.
  3. When you say tag, are you talking about XML tags in _animationData.xml files? I installed all of the suggested animation packs, but Violate doesn't seem to play any animation except UAP. I don't know if it's a Violate bug or a conflict with the latest version of AFF.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I found out that 3.2 version is the "cleanest" version before AWKCR became something beyond a framework. So I think I can use AWKCR.
  5. Does FPE_Impregnation_MoreCreature.esp require AWKCR?
  6. Is there a keyword to make an npc not participate in Defeat and Capture?
  7. Check the Tes5Edit which .esp file made the last changes to npcs. For example, if EveryBody's Different.esp (I'm not assuming you use this mod, it's an example that commonly causes gray-faced bugs) made the last change to npcs, you should check two folders: 1. %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom Look for a folder called "EveryBody's Different.esp", if it doesn't exists, you should copy all files from a folder called "Men of Winter.esp" to "EveryBody's Different.esp". If "Men of Winter.esp" folder doesn't ex
  8. Question: do player's summoned spriggans try to rape the player?
  9. The Frigid Wash perform a function that call a non-existing function from slautilscr script (it belongs to SexLab Aroused Redux 2.8v or SexLab Aroused Modular Edition 0.5.0v). slautilscr script has this code: Scriptname slaUtilScr extends slaFrameworkScr ; depreciated script, only for backward compatibility Relationship: Frigid Wash -> dcur_removearousalScript.psc (Cursed Loot 8.5v) -> dcur_clocktickScript.psc (Cursed Loot 8.5v) -> zadlibs.psc (Devious Devices LE 5.0v) -> slautilscr.psc (SLA Redux 2.8v or SLA Mo
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