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  1. Infecting my pc with tentacle monster for trek to forgotten vale. Im getting under active effects in red: host for living armor, nursing living armor. I'm like what? So I reload game, changed location and source...got infected again with tentacle monster, same thing: host for living armor, nursing living armor under effects. Is that typo? What effect is it giving my pc? Not sure if any. Could be my game goof'n up.
  2. I wanted to give a heart felt thanks to billyy's and anub for the most bad ass animations on loverslab site for the skyrim sse modding community. 😀 I've been modding skyrim for the last yr, since last june. I've never seen so much fucking, sucking, tittymilking, cum belly morphing in all my gaming yrs. Skyrim is truly the greatest gaming experience I've ever had. Just wanted to say thankyou.
  3. DBF, I am currently testing living armor effects and removal. I'm on day 5 of taking one repellant poison potion each day to see if there is a stacking effect of the poison. I wanted to see if the living armor acted different. Just taken fifth potion, pc still just kind of falls to her knee then stands back up. Living armor hasn't got pissed yet with shock treatments or flogging her ass with a tentacle. 😃 Just let me know: no there is no stacking effect of poison, drink 10 repellent potions at once.
  4. Well my pc got infected with the living armor during a swim. A day or so later I got in fight with 3 vampires. They were kicking my but and the living armor started throwing the defenses to protect me...which was pretty cool. The major problem was the announcements of every defense the living armor was executing, so I had to click through 50 'oks' during fight. I don't think that is supposed to happen, clicking through all those 'ok' like that. The living armor is the first parasite pc was infected with since the update. Just letting you know what happened with it.
  5. I’m seeing the very same thing on my pc, did you find a fix? What I’m doing to live with this...if her milk production is low/very low milk/hr, raise poll to 2 or 3 to help deal with performance hit. If milk per/hr is starting to get high then should prolly stay at 1 hr poll. Same here with the followers with my pc all polling at same time is when I get the performance hit. If my pc is by herself I don’t see any hit during the polling.
  6. I use MME for tentacle monster milking effects and boob size. I try to keep my pc under boob size 20...but with the constant milking the tentacle monster does, the tentacle monster can push boob size past 10, 20, 30, etc. The tentacle monster has a ferocious apatite for titty milk. 😃
  7. Help please finding 2 traveling sisters. All clue lead to dead ends
  8. If you are using 3bbb then need to update 3bbb to the latest version...ver 2.xx. I had the same thing happen to me. I updated 3bbb to 2.06 and this issue went away.
  9. I'm seeing with tentacle monster harness equipped in 3ba smp mode after running/jumping/sneak boobs goes flat. I'm at current versions of 3ba ver 2.06, and xp-32 ver 4.8. I have to reset 3ba mode to cbpc back to smp to get the boob to reset back to normal shape. I never saw this with the 1.xx ver of 3ba. Was wondering if the new parasite bodyslide was contributing to this flat boob effect. Just to note, when the tentacle monster harness is not equipped, smp boob stays normal shape after running/jumping/sneak.
  10. DeepBlueFrog could you correct the texture size of the chaurus worm when my pc expels them from her gut/ass. When pc goes into a birthing animation to expel worms, the worms are like as big as her leg. The 1/2 dozen chaurus worms lying around are huge. Just a visual correction, my eyes were hurting...
  11. Yep just had to upgrade 3ba to 2.06. Now Dibella bodyslide, and zarantha’s parasites bodyslides look great now. Thanks y’all...
  12. After loading up stories and stories devious...The 2 npcs I noticed with the black face where Lisbet in Markarth, and Olfina grey-mane in Whiterun. I took the easy path 🙂 and tried face discoloration fix nexusmod. Thanks for link, It fixed Lisbet and Olfina grey-mane...their faces are normal now.
  13. Wanted to ask, so how do I get the magic dildo to show in the masturbation magic dildo animation. I've always just canceled the animation when it tried to play, cause the magic dildo is invisible. All other Anub's animations are working fine. Was hoping to get this animation working finally. Thanks
  14. With my new game starts testing all of deepbluefrog's mods. I finally added stories/stories devious then started new game. took a stroll through riverwood and whiterun. I noticed olfina grey-maine with the black face. When I disabled stories/stories devious her face went back to normal. Never really trouble-shoot dark faces before, but its usually a load order issue? asking?
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