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  1. The unbound are the titty pumps you find in most all places, like cities, towns. The bound are the fancy pumps in special caves. Think that’s right??
  2. My understanding is that the more sex your pc has, the more lewd they become making your pc sex mad, so they can’t get enough sex to satisfy the arousal. So the settings in SLSO mcm work great in controlling arousal, enjoyment, and orgasim. You just have to adjust the settings to your pc’s current lewdness.
  3. Saw a most disturbing thing with one of Billyys MFF threesome animations...my pc had her face in the dude’s ass for 3 stages. Is that a thing?
  4. For sure that would be great, but he’s only been in the dream world, not in Skyrim. He only enslaved me the one time in the beginning. Maybe I’m not that far along in the quest line for him to go to Skyrim. So far I only see him in the dreamworld or maybe my game is broke. I’ll keep going with the quests. Maybe Sanguine will make it to Skyrim and make my pc a lvl 6 fuck toy.
  5. Could someone name a really good npc in Skyrim to try as a master for my pc to be a fuck toy too. To maybe even reach slave lvl 6 with.
  6. The fancy fuck machine pumps are the best but have only found 8 throughout Skyrim. Will I be able to upgrade the other ones to the fancy. If so thanks...I need to upgrade all fuck machines to fancy.
  7. Hello, trying this milk mod economy with a follower. My pc is working fine, all morphs with belly and milky titties morph fine...my pc is lvl 10 maid with 24 tit size. Her tits shrink and swell with milk during milking and sex. This is cool, cool mod. Thanks. I brought Rayya the Redguard with me to a orc milk cave to make her a milk maid cause I wanted some redguard titty milk. I did the ask her to become a milk maid, she said hell yes. Then fed her lactacid too. I visually see her belly morph with lactacid and her boobs currently morphed to 4.0. So her boobs filled with milk. Now wha
  8. My pc...she reaches 500 enjoyment during sex scenes in front of a bunch of people. Has anyone ever seen an enjoyment higher then 500? Or is 500 the highest enjoyment you can reach.
  9. Ok thanks I’ll look into the relationship ranks and my levels. Well I’ve been trying to figure out how to start Orgies/3sum/4sum/5sums. I have the Billyys animations. But I never know how to start them. Say like after a civil war battle when there are 10 emperial troops standing around...want to start orgies with all those soldiers. My pc is a horny nimpho...
  10. Did you find a fix for this. My 3sum and orgy dialogs are blacked out as well. Would really like to be able to use those dialog options.
  11. What's a good mod to use to get multiple orgies and gangbangs going like that. Dont know how to do that. All I've ever seen is maybe like 3 guards gangbanging my pc after a dragon defeat through like sl eager. I have all billyys animations working good its just I never see the orgies or would like to see 4 or 5 on her with 250 to 500 enjoyment from a gangbang.
  12. Anybody having the inflation issue with the cbbe 3bbb body on a npc or follower where the body deflates but the armor/clothes are still inflated...caused from leaving a cell then coming back to the npc/follower later...you need to put cum back in them by sex with other npc or creature or pc(you), then do an inflation reset from mcm. There is a reset all inflation in fhu mcm first page/bottom. This cleared the armor inflation/body deflation bug for me.
  13. All the dd slaves that you see throughout Skyrim inside inns and sometimes outside inns usually always have there hands bind by some hand restraint. When the slave is standing still there bind hands are bound like they should when standing still, but when they begin to walk they pull there hands out of the bind and walk normal(half the time with missing hands)then when they stop walking their hands go back to the bound position. Is this a bug between dd and fnis sexy moves. Anybody know of a fix for the bound hands when these slave girls are walking.
  14. When I walk around at night in a town, with my pc covered in devices, it starts giving notices...this person is going to rape you, this guard is going to rape you. Then 3, 4, 5 people run up to my pc and stand there looking a her in all her hot devices, but just stand there looking at her forever. I have to reload. Is night rape working ok for everyone? Some times I can get the scene to move forward by hitting esc a couple of times, but mostly my keyboard locks up, can't move her and the rapist all just stand around looking at her. Just the latest thing im running into, was wondering if a
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