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  1. I like to patch up what I see as holes in the realism. So, for me, I make the opposite choice on cars with New Vegas, because I find it hard to believe that NOBODY has found a way to fix up cars, or an old factory with preserved fuel stocks. Especially given the whole situation with the car in FO2. You might run out eventually, sure, but I think with enough money, power, and influence you could find a way to make a steady enough supply for personal use happen, especially in a major civilized area like New Vegas. Besides that, even if it might not fit the basic intended design of Fallout itself, I'll pick up mods where houses are repaired or there's greater variety in plant and wildlife. Looking at areas in the real world which have been damaged by nuclear fallout, there's actually a lot of resilience to nature so, if anything, the Fallout setting would be more like Zion as a rule than the bombed-out wasteland we get. For a game built around a theme, I can see why somebody would want a proper WASTELAND wasteland and come up with plenty of lore reasons why it wouldn't bounce back so easy, but for me it just feels more immersive and realistic and leads to a better gameplay experience to fix it all up. Especially the buildings! Has nobody figured out how to lift a hammer in 200 years? lmao. I don't think a whole lot of people would just STAY living in poor shelter if they could just scrap an old shed and patch a wall up. Funny enough, this is kind of why I got into sex and drug mods in the first place, it's just more "alive" feeling. So, I'll skip on anything that feels off base for realism. No sex frequency turned up to porno logic levels (even though that can be fun in the right time and place), and typically avoid anything that makes a game more or less sci fi or fantasy than the game itself actually is. The sims has aliens and wizards and shit, so I roll with that, but I wouldn't be adding guns to Skyrim or magic to Fallout UNLESS it was a well made Dwemer rifle, or something more like the traditional shamanic stuff you get in FO2 or Honest Hearts.
  2. You're a real artist, man. Your stories are entertaining as hell and the lengths you go to for detail and realism are damn impressive
  3. This is the most fucked up mod on this whole website. Congratulations, I love you, and seek God
  4. This one includes some of a guy who is supposed to be nullo. I'm using, uh...I think I just set him to "has no penis" and didn't pick any specific bottom for him, so it looks kinda funny, but for what it is it works pretty well. Sue me, I like variety Rich guy and his wife in the kitchen, and then his mistress at the park outside their house. I like this dude because he kind of reminds me of the type of guy who'd be a main character in a movie like Role Models but he's some kind of nobility. I'm running the monarchy mod. And one more pair for the road, one of the princes and his boy toy
  5. Couple of brothers fuck in the bed one of 'em shares with his wife. Having to avoid clipping issues (height sliders?) ends up at a lot of softcore shots, lol. Some straight stuff for a change of pace Back to the gay
  6. Genius. 🙏 Hope you find a 50 on the ground
  7. I'm gonna tentatively say it isn't possible since the only time (to my knowledge) where body morph can be different from state to state is vampire dark form. I think the best you could do probably is just setting the tallest heels to be for sexy vampires only. If somebody can prove me wrong on this I'm all for it though.
  8. Aha, well, that makes sense I guess. Somehow I just presumed any given item would have an attraction rating attached. Thanks
  9. @TURBODRIVER Sorry to ping you on some bullshit like this (your highness) but this is driving me nuts. I actually tried to test it by making a new male sim with grills, and two additional sims whose only turn ons were "male" and "good/bad teeth," respectively, but they both just found him attractive so results were inconclusive. Need the word of god. Thanks 💛
  10. Ah yeah, not really but I do use two different height sliders cause they both jack with body proportions in somewhat different ways. Might be it, lol
  11. Lol I got some weird ballsack stretching too. Didn't take the whole dick with it, though. Fuck only knows what's up, but you're not alone 🤟
  12. I'm just gonna bump this cause it fell off the map and seems simple enough to answer. Inquiring mind needs to know. Thanks ✌️
  13. This. It'd be nice if there was but at the end of the day I don't think most people (as in, the bulk majority of average folk minding their own business) even want a dramatic overthrow of anything, what people want and need is for real problems to be solved in real ways that demonstrably make shit better. There's a lot of panic in the air and it incites a lot of bullshit. At the end of the day I guess what pisses me off, and I guess a lot of other people, is being aware of how much needs to be fixed and how much out there is outside of my control. The future is uncertain, that sucks. Most people are at the mercy of bigger fish, individual fish or groups of fish, doesn't matter. This has also been true for most if not all of human history. The only optimism left is the "fuck it, hoping for the best sucks less in the right now than dwelling on what sucks" kind. Go fucking fishing if you can, or something. Something like that. Something hands-on and practical man, I don't know. Not even trying to offer advice, cause fuck if I know, but it's what I got for me. Can always think of 50 million things can go wrong, might as well start trying to put that brain power to some kind of use I actually see returns from.
  14. I found turning down the number of available sex locations to choose from to 1-2 makes it a lot less likely they'll pick something fucking stupid lol. More likely to go for a couch or whatever. In one big ass house they decided the only location they care about is several stairs up on the top floor, but better than a wall clip. I'd love to know how they rate locations internally for this to be a thing, though.
  15. This person makes good presets. I use both of the male body ones a decent amount. Think a lot of the lip tones up add a good touch of realism without using a full-on deep detail skin, but if that's the kind of thing you'd prefer then you might like some of the sims they've got up, too.
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