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  1. Bhunp is too much for my LE to handle. My LE fps tanked hard when i install bhunp (10-20 fps). But it worked find in my SE tho.
  2. I prefer LE for the ENB option, to this day i still couldn't find SE ENB that remotely close to UNKO ENB. I also couldn't SE make jiggle physics to look like what i could in LE. But yeah, SE are more stable, not even a contest.
  3. Decent male amors are so hard to find... Female armors got SMP for fabric, complex armor peices, processional hand-craft, etc but male got jack shit. I just want my char to looks cool...
  4. Let's see... I can hold my fart for a very long time.
  5. I might jump to Skyrim SE since i manage to port most of my follower...
  6. I have Skyrim flora overhaul and Whiterun textures mods, i will try to use Ordenador to optimize its. Thank again for the advices.
  7. Thx for the advice, i have uninstalled some of follower mods (especially Chinese mods), its somewhat help. In my early test the blackface didn't show up anymore, we will see if it permanent.
  8. So even 1070 still not enough? damn... Well, atleast i could fix it buy restart or press F4.
  9. I made myself a bunch of custom follower, everything work as intend. However, sometime when i fast-travel my follower got blackface, like this: The problem will dissapear when i restart the game or press "KeyFreeVRAM" in ENB hotkey. It's kinda annoying, I have tried everything, re-creat facegen, make sure that facetint file is on the right path, reinstall mod, etc. The problem still persist. Is ther any way to prevent this blackface?
  10. I tried to use SSE Nifoptimizer on my follower facegen .nif and it's come out like this (I already checked "Head Part Only). Now, when i look at my follower in game, she become invisible. What did I do wrong?
  11. Hi I thought it was an good idea to try modding Skyrim SE. At first, everything was fine, everythings was stable and no crash, so i thought i'm gonna try convert my personal follower to SE too. However, after followed an intruction to convert mods to SE, my follower looks weird, with no eyes, mouth or hair. I tried to used Nifoptimizer (with head part) but i encounter an error. At this point i give up, so if any one could convert my follower please let's me know Kara_follower.7z
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