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  1. For me it was easier to make Follwer in LE then port to SE. Just use consol command "spf" to save your character preset then export nif file with Racemenu. Then transfer your face to a follwer using Nifmerge. You can do it yourself.
  2. I prefer LE for the ENB option, to this day i still couldn't find SE ENB that remotely close to UNKO ENB. I also couldn't SE make jiggle physics to look like what i could in LE. But yeah, SE are more stable, not even a contest.
  3. Decent male amors are so hard to find... Female armors got SMP for fabric, complex armor peices, processional hand-craft, etc but male got jack shit. I just want my char to looks cool...
  4. Let's see... I can hold my fart for a very long time.
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