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  1. Harlekin​, please, update Power Armor Helmet bug, please! Love this mod!!!!
  2. Hey Harlekin, just installed jetpack mod (without power armor) and your mod just went crazy. My character doesn't know if it stays with clothes on or off, equip/unequip dick all the time when naked - annoying - even with futa helper and unequiped the jetpack (same as helmet in power-armor). Hope this helps solving the problem. =D
  3. I need lots of cocks and loads of cum!

  4. Awesome news!!! <3 <3 <3 Love this mod, thx Harlekin!
  5. yes will be fixed with 2.1 ill think its because i used the beard-slot and power-armor helmets seems to use them too.^^ Hey, me too, helmet removing all the time! Can't use helmet lights with power armor anymore... please fix it Harlekin!!! I loved the mod Harlekin, just awesome... <3 <3 <3 Thanks!!!
  6. really nice! =D is there a chance to make a full erect vertion? ====D
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