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  1. You are my savior! Thank you very much for a so quick help! This looks not perfect, but this is really result what i'm expect. Fainlty visible seam and NO GLOW in dark places. (you can check the screenshots) Kissing you! ❤️ If somebody have the same issue, i think you can find help in our few posts. On screenshots: UNP + Fair Skin Complexion + Leyenda Textures Patch for SOS
  2. Pls, somebody, help me with this issue. Even doesn't need to read all text in my message, only look on the screenshot and you will understand my trouble. IDK why i'm still don't give up and trying to find a way to fix it, and i saw this visual bug in this topic a lot, but still doesn't find an answer. UNP + Fair Skin Complexion for UNP + SOS Fair Skin Complexion Textures. The seam. So, any ways to fix this problem?
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