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  1. This update sounds fantastic, well done. Continue to follow your mod work with great interest. ^_^
  2. Has anyone else experienced a severe slowdown during SLSO games/scenes when the rest of the game seems to be running fine? I suspect I've screwed something up somewhere, so not necessarily asking for mod support, but figured someone might have a clue if it's happened to others. My current theory is something janky is happening between SLSO and PSQ (and the community patch) so I'm trying to disable that and see what happens. It's also possible Sexlab is suffering the slowdown "natively" and it has nothing to do with SLSO. Hard to say!
  3. Heh, approaches broke the Machinist confrontation for me because she got lost in her own fortress trying to harass me...
  4. Wanted to leave a note of appreciation for the mod, it's very good and getting better. One quibble would be: I hope it's feasible to use [target's gender] tokens in the dialogue boxes? If you have a female aggressor, the dialogue all refers to 'he', 'his', 'my cock', etc. I'm not sure how easy it is to have tokens in GECK dialogue trees, but I imagine they're probably there.
  5. If it helps, I think I may have fixed it just by uninstalling all animations and patches and reinstalling very carefully, using Scarlett's cheatsheet from the AAF community. Fingers crossed, but I've had at least one successful forced-submission approach. So it could well just be messed up animation installs -> failed animation call -> mod gives up.
  6. Are you using Custom Moans? I'm not sure because I can't figure out *how* but after I installed it (correctly I believe, according to the thread) I *think* that's when I started having null animation calls. These calls are actually happening with multiple mods, not just SH; the SH-specific issue is how it seems to perma-root me with no ui if the animation call fails, thus forcing a reload. I imagine the animation call failure is, as others have said, not SH's problem. It's a bit frustrating because (again, not SH's problem) I can't download the AAF diagnostic tool from the disc, my computer
  7. I love the idea of this mod and the development so far. Unfortunately I'm also having the problem mentioned a few pages back of submitting to someone, and having them wander off, leaving me frozen and with no UI. Other AAF scenes are playing normally, and I can't [end] the scene through the [home] menu, nor does fast travel (or quickloading) fix it. I am going to try a reinstall of the AAF-related mods, but something seems to interrupt the script.
  8. Thank you for this patch; I have a question - what would need to be done in addition to this - if anything - to also make SLSO compatible with the skill drain/puppet master on orgasm effects when one is a Succubus? I've been looking through scripts but I'm honestly hopeless at this kind of coding. Or does this patch fix all orgasm effects including daedric ones?
  9. So I figured this out, I think; it does indeed appear to be a soft problem between Hormones and SLSO (Separate Orgasms); when I check my status on Hormones it says 0 orgasms today despite many sex acts (and many orgasms recorded through SL/SLSO). Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, or if there's a workaround.
  10. Oh wait - do I need to replace the original puppetmaster completely with your version, and not have the .bsa installed from 1.7? I merged the patch to overwrite just the esp and add the scripts.
  11. Hm. I do have the patch installed; but I didn't get the spell when I became a succubus. I also don't get the skill xp drain from partners I remember used to be working. I wonder if it doesn't like something else I have installed. Separate Orgasms, maybe? It's not a huge detail, I can just do it manually; was just nice rp.
  12. *waves* Do I remember correctly that the Hormones succubus curse, if you had your puppetmaster patch installed, put people "under your influence" (i.e. controllable) when you succu-drained them? Is that still in; do you have to progress further in corruption passed "A Succubus is born" to activate this? Are there other requirements? I'm pretty sure this used to work but I'm not sure it's working in my current install.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Do you know of a list of stages somewhere? I haven't found one on the github or elsewhere.
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