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  1. i've Solved my problems ! thanks again for the help !
  2. I did it ! thank you for the help ^^ i just want to know : is there a way to add more animations ?
  3. yeah, i run it. It just continue to show me this message tho i don't know if it is related ^^'
  4. welp, all of the characters are T-posing... and here is my list of mods about animations
  5. wel i switched to the special edition of skyrim, and this time it show me that
  6. but i am concerned that there is no other files in the animation section of FNIS
  7. i think it does tho but i'll look more precisely over there
  8. i found the problem... does one of you know what to do ?
  9. i think i found why it doesn't work...
  10. welp, it does not work, even the debug spells are not working
  11. okay i think it was because of the unofficial patches that were not here (because i bought the vanilla version then the DLCs). I will be trying when i can
  12. i'll try, i'll tell you if it worked ! and thanks for awnsereing this fast ^^ !
  13. i think i have i'll come back in 30min
  14. I have installed all the files that should have been required, but no animations in sight... the characters merge themselves and i hear their voices. Here is a picture :
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