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  1. What texture pack/mod gives the character a black outline?
  2. Is there a way to disable finding devices inside of chests/containers? I only want the trap chance, not just randomly finding devices that I can add to my inventory to sell later.
  3. Is the Slave Trader in RiverWood a part of this mod? I'm confused because I can put people in bags, but can't sell them to the Slave Trader there.
  4. What's the install load order between SL Solutions and this mod? I know there's an integration option, so does that mean DV should overwrite Solutions?
  5. Is your character in chastity? There are some options in the mod that will prevent rape if chastity is equipped. It's not the default behavior, however.
  6. Is it recommended to Tes5 all mods or just the ones LOOT recommends? I've done the base game + DLC but stopped there
  7. Well I made a typo, "here" not "hear", but yes that's what they say. I talk to every one, a dialogue menu appears with 1 option (I forget what it is) and if I click it or exit the convo nothing happens, but they thugs still chase me around and interrupt my game with a forcegreet. I've just updated DV again, I'll try to see if it happens still
  8. 😅 Yeah that's the embarassing part. I have no idea how I missed that. I've caught myself with SE mods before that didn't even have SE in the filename, but 'slavetatSE' sat happily in my load order for weeks without me noticing 😂 God I'm dumb. Yes happily ever after, works great now.
  9. Jelly my dude. I'm running a 2015 Macbook pro, integrated graphics, virtualized Windows via Parallels 😂 I will say, the one awesome advantage of running a virtual system is being able to snapshot the system as I get to stable mod setups so i always have something to revert to.
  10. 😳 ok in my defense that download list is MASSIVE
  11. Yup always more to do. I just went through my mods and the order and all seemed mostly fine. However I did come across an old one I installed "Skyland", I looked it back up and it's a full 2k retexture. I'm running on integrated graphics, so I hypothesized this might be sucking up valuable CPU time and in fact it was. Once removed everything is feeling far more fluid and no crashes yet. Seems to confirm that my issue was just related to script lag/too much processing going on, not necessarily any mod on its on right.
  12. I have the same issue currently. I'm DEFINITELY running through SKSE. I have NetImmerse installed, RaceMenu, and JContainers installed. Not sure if related, but when I open the MCM menu it takes a solid 6-10 seconds to actually load the menu items.
  13. Low performance has *sorta* helped, but difficult to tell if it's meaningful. Like I said, it primarily feels like the lag spikes happen when opening inventories - like AS SOON as I press a button CTD. I didn't dig into Cursed Loots scripting too much, but I've been assuming when you open a menu CL does some script checking to spawn in items, and potentially lock stuff on you and that that was what causes CTDs. Thanks for the heads up on the cloak ticking in Creature Framework. Honestly it's not something I'm totally set on keeping. Currently going through mods right now and may remove it. My issues are definitely from a combo of mods. When I pare things down CL doesn't seem to be giving me issues.
  14. Primarily I just get a CTD when I open a menu, press escape, or any interaction that has an inventory (chest, store, player inventory). This doesn't happen often, maybe once every few hours? It's enough to be annoying but not gamebreaking Very rarely, SkyUI will sorta open, with lots of artifacting going on. I've researched it before, suggestion was that it was too much script lag and SkyUI is what's actually causing the CTD. If that's true, it's no fault of SkyUI, it's just all the other script heavy mods causing issues. I will also randomly get CTD when approaching certain areas (Solitude and more Southwest locations primarily). The CTDs are fairly random, but I always get a 'gut feeling' right before a crash. More objectively I think it's frame drops and slight hiccups. When I uninstalled Cursed Loot, EVERYTHING feels more fluid and no crashes on menus or when approaching those troubled locations. I've even had situations where I just CANNOT get by a location without CTD. So I uninstalled Cursed Loot, get past the area, then re-install. WEIRDLY (and this is why I want to investigate), my last save felt amazingly smooth and no issues. But then I noticed I had creature framework installed + animations, but not Animal SOS. Installed Animal SOS, and suddenly those issues came back. ASOS shouldn't have an impact like that though. It changes skeletons; has no scripts, equips no items, shouldn't have any real impact like what I'm seeing...but who knows. 80+ mods, there's lots of places for weird interactions like this 😁 Edit: Actually the game doesn't always CTD, sometimes it just locks up and freezes the screen until I force close/reboot
  15. Does anyone else have issues with Hired Thugs? With DV installed the Thugs will approach me and say nothing, or they'll repeatedly start dialogue "We're hear to teach you a lesson" and then not attack or have any other sort of dialogue options. Uninstalling reverts Hired Thug behavior to normal (for me).
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