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  1. I was actually about to ask a similar question when i saw your post. I know a lot of people love starting slow, but i see it as an advantage to be able to just install a modlist, then customise it instead of finding a ton of commonly used mods one by one.
  2. Oh geez, I'm sorry. I don't really know any artists or have made an effort to remember them. I'm just a greedy consumer who enjoys the fruits of your labor. But if I'll try to keep an eye out? If I find anything interesting I'll shoot you a message.
  3. So do you need the original mods also or just this one?
  4. Any possibility of a non furry femboy pack as well? I found a some futa content and then this but no other femboy stuff.
  5. Are there any plans in the near future for trap or sissy species content? Not necessarily anything more complicated than an image set I mean, the traits are obviously there to play with.
  6. It seems kind of silly to me that you can build brothels and sex cities as a hive mind. i'm trying playing them for the first time and i don't see how it would be useful for them. Plus, as far as my very limited run went, you don't seem to use trade value or commodities as a hive mind? Which alters the effectiveness of dairy farms as well.
  7. Just downloaded the game, got too many mods so it won't run, so I'm over here now. Is there any options to have men be vulnerable to tentacles aswell?
  8. I'm sorry, it was actually a different mod causing the issue.
  9. I just downloaded this mod and all of the default empires disappeared other than the ones added by the mod... is there a fix to that or a way to randomly generate ai empires because i really don't want to custom design each empire, i like kinda being surprised by those i find.
  10. Thank you! I'm sorry, I'm new to the game and didn't know that
  11. it is marked as only working with the previous game version when i tried downloading
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