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  1. I just want to confirm this bug as I ran into the exact same CTD upon trying to equip "extreme" hobble and "legbinder" versions of DD items. I disabled the mod "Your Own Thoughts" and this resolved the crashes. It also fixed an issue where the hobble run/walk animation wasn't playing at all. It seems silly, but there is definitely an incompatibility here that causes a crash. I honestly had no problem trashing YOT. I would possibly consider adding this to known conflicts so people don't have to spend days searching for an answer as I did!
  2. It's a chinese animation from 9dm. I no longer have any links to it but someone might know where to find it in the request thread. It's SE with over 750 mods, many of which I've customized or merged to some degree. The most relevant mods from the video are: CheapFloppySOS CBP Settings (From here on LL) CBBE 3BA with CBP Physics for all body motion HDT SMP for cloth physics COCO Raikou Outfit (Customized) 9dm Animation Pack KS Hairdos SMP The Pure - CBBE SOS - Addon - Futanari CBBE 1.1b (custom skin) Cumshot (2nd video)
  3. Been a long time since I've posted, but here's my latest character: Aelia lesalle_aelia_clip_02.mp4 *Edit Bonus Clip!
  4. First time posting in this topic, so here we go! Scenes by the Mage's Night-Moon The succubus Aenarys tip-toes into the Mage's stronghold at night, hoping to pass through unscathed. Typically, she has her way with any prey that may casually approach her--but on this day she woke up in restraints. The denizens of Skyrim have grown accustomed to her advances at night, and her last encounter left her bound and helpless. The double Night-Moon looms as an ill-omen, giving her an unsettling feeling that gnaws at her like a famished Falmer. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to run into the talented and well-practiced mages of this hold after all. Her hunger grows. Full video on Pornhub
  5. Honestly, that's fine with me! I'm just happy that you'd be willing to take the request.
  6. There is no cool down system, but if you use the reset button it should reset all the NINodes and SLIF to the minimum values. Any chance you would be interested in adding this as a feature to SLDD, perhaps upon sleeping or waiting a certain amount of time? I'm poking around your scripts to see if I can figure out a way to add it, but I have very little experience with Papyrus and doubt I could pull this off without a significant amount of help.
  7. I'm using this mod in conjunction with Diet Based Butt, and I can't seem to get Butt bodymorphs to work properly with that setup? I set NiOverride to 0% and adjusted different Bodymorph sliders to compensate, but it appears as though increased values in NPC L Butt and NPC R Butt always adjust the node and never utilize any sliders (Chubby Butt, etc). I tested a custom .json in Sexlab Deadly Drain too to increase the NPC L and R Butt nodes and it does the same thing. Breast and Belly bodymorph sliders work just fine (with NiOverride set to 0).
  8. At this point I'm beginning to think it's a mod conflict. I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my end, so I'll need help with testing. For anyone experiencing this issue here are a few things to try: Disable all of your mods in NMM by unchecking the .esps (not uninstalling them) except for CumOnAnything.esp. From the Skyrim menu, "coc qasmoke" and add the spells book through the console. Use the self spell to apply textures to your character. If the textures still appear incorrectly, then: Uninstall all mods, including Cum On Anything. Re-install Cum On Anything as your only mod and test in a new game or in qasmoke. If the textures did show up properly in #2 then enable 5-10 .esps from your load order (normally starting at the top) and repeat the same qasmoke test. Repeat this test enabling 5-10 .esps each time until the textures "break." Once this happens, go back to the last set of 5-10 .esps and disable one at a time until the textures work again. This should allow you to determine which mod is causing the conflict, if there is one. Okay, I confirmed the file names under textures/Effects/CoA as CoATexture1.dds, CoATexture2.dds, etc. I also messed around with the textures by disabling them in the manual install provided by Mod Organizer. This caused the textures to not show at all, which makes sense. I don't have any ENB mods running at all. I know they're supposed to help the game look amazing, but could that possiblt help. It doesn't seem like it would but again, I have no modding experience. If I'm wrong though please let me know. Oh by the way, thanks for addressing my problem. I really appreciate it. Could you possibly try adding an ENB just to test? The texture alpha needs to be taken into account, and I'm not sure if that happens without one. The only other thought I have here is something to do with how the mod is being installed with Mod Organizer. It seems most of you having issues are using MO. Can anyone confirm that they have the issue while using NMM?
  9. A few follow up questions: 1. Can you check the below file structure and confirm that the texture files are there and look similar to this? 2. Are you using Reshade, by chance? 3. Can you post your load order?
  10. Can you try disabling your ENB temporarily to see if it alleviates the issue? I'd like to rule out whether or not ENB is affecting the textures.
  11. Can you verify that you have files in the data/textures/Effects/COA folder? They should be labeled "CoATexture1.dds" from 1 to 8. This mod does not change player meshes in any way, it only applies a display texture on top of your character though Magical Effect. It's identical to the way casting "Oakflesh" adds a shiny green aura to your character. Although your character can have multiple magical "buffs" applied at a single time, only one display texture or effect will actually show--meaning that new magical effects applied will overwrite old ones. What this means for COA is that each new "application" of cum is simply a new texture that shows more cum. It doesn't actually layer the effect. Are you running an ENB? If so, can you check your enbseries.ini file to see if "EnableTextureAlpha=true" under [subsurfaceScattering]? If not, try enabling this feature and reporting your results back here. From your screenshots, it does look like your game is finding the texture files properly, but the alpha channel of the texture files is not being considered.
  12. Don't drag and drop the files. I can't really provide you with support here if that's how you installed it. You can install it using NMM and it will unpack into the proper directories. I would recommend re-downloading it, as it sounds like you have the 1.2 .esp.
  13. Apologies for my very long absence! Long story short, I took a break from Skyrim for a bit after having burnt out on my last playthough. I'm back now, at least for the time being, and I've provided a much needed update to Cum On Anything! To update, simply uninstall the previous version and install 1.3.
  14. How does this mod handle de-scaling of bodymorphs? Is there a cooldown where the body will return to normal after a time? I thought I remembered someone asking a similar question here in this thread but I can't seem to find it now... I've tried resting and passing many days in my game and the bodymorphs stay consistent. It may be because I'm using them with SLIF. Is there somewhere within the scripts of this mod that I can edit a cooldown period or add one?
  15. I did try enabling/disabling "Use NiOverride" and the give spell. No effect with that, either. My PC has a base UUNP body but did have values added through other inflation mods (SGO and MME with SLIF). Just to be sure, I added some sliders to my character (set Big Butt and Breasts SSH to 2 in Racemenu) and tried the give spell. That, unfortunately, did not work either. *Edit: Upon further testing, I still have not resolved the issue, but I found that I am successfully absorbing the simple node NPC GenitalsBase which was one of the nodes listed in my .json. It's the only simple node that I have added, and it appears to be the only one that did anything. These nodes have not yet worked (but I'm still trying to figure stuff out): BreastsSH, BreastsSSH, BigButt, AppleCheeks, Thighs, CalfSize, PregnancyBelly, Hips, BigTorso, ChubbyLegs, Legs, DoubleMelon. *Edit #2: I think I've got it figured out. Using NiOverride, you can only edit nodes that are available to the body, not Racemenu sliders afaik. I made a new .json file that works because it only utilizes nodes (I've attached it just in case anyone else has my problem). I then use Sexlab Inflation Framework to adjust NiOverride to correspond to different changes in Racemenu's sliders for my body type. Luckily, this means it's not a problem at all with SLDD--just with my understanding of how NiOverride works in tandem with this mod and SLIF. PhysicalDrain.json
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