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  1. They look amazing in these pictures, but in my game they look awful. I have all the requirements, the only difference is that I play in SE.
  2. image is from mature skin texture mod. Deleted from the nexus a while ago from the nexus.
  3. Anyone has one of these presets? They are from the mature skin texture mod that was deleted... I can't find them anywhere.
  4. Hi there, is there any of the faces( I mean racemenu presets) from the pictures shown available as a preset? I love the first one, good job.
  5. Yeah I have it, it works well with other animations pack... I've just given up with this one though nothing seems to fix it. Maybe the creator didn't put the animation of the mouth opening for blowjobs xD
  6. Anyone has a fix for the blowjob animations? non of them open PC's mouth.
  7. I only use defeat and dangerous nights, therefore most sex scenes are rape, violent. The problem is that facial expressions of my character almost never match the scene, she puts a happy face or stone face and thats it. I know for a lot of people this is a minor issue, but to me is a big deal. I really appreciate any help or tips, thanks! (I've tried ticking on and off the option "use separate orgams" but then it's random, sometimes i get the right expression, most of the times don't)
  8. @lol5678 Hey, I have the same problem. expressions randomly stop working or don't match the scene at all... I've tried ticking the separate orgasm option, it fixed the expressions. but then next scene or if I load the game again it goes back to not working. I hope we can get some help with this issue.
  9. @Nymra Hey thanks for the mod. dou you use any face expression mod in the pictures from the mod page?
  10. Holy shieet, you're a hero without a cape, thanks dude.
  11. @Tentacus Thanks a lot dude, keep up the good work! :D
  12. @Ulfbearth The moans don't come out that's the thing. custom moans is loaded before leito staged, and before your patch. Also before leito's animation pack. That may be the problem? should i overwrite your patch and leito staged with custom moans?
  13. Hi there, is there a way to make this work with custom moans? are these compatible? ty. (I can't get this to work with leito's animations, i've updated to leito staged.... and erased the one patch 1.1.1 and polistro's patch)
  14. That's the one I've installed, also in the mod configuration menu, it says "Missing Cum Overlays.esp" sorry to bother you I only can't find the way to make it work, Can I install the mod manually without vortex? could you give a guide for that?
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