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  1. I have been using these mods for a while now. It dawned on my, how does one know if there is an update available?
  2. I have installed this game a bunch of times and I did another fresh install and got a new error message, it is saying SKSE64 is not running. I updated everything I can find that has to do with SKSE and recopied the SKSE files in my game folder. I am getting this error for a bunch of mods.
  3. I have a question, is this the kind of place I can request to convert Vtaw's great looking Utility Pack to SSE. I think he made some of the best armor in Fallout 4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101096
  4. I know this has been asked before, but not really recently. Is there ever going to be a schlongs for female for special edition?
  5. I have tried to find an answer before asking, but I have not found anything. I got the parasite/tentacles device. I have the paste salve, but I am trying to make the paste base. I show I have quite a few Nord Ale and all the rest of the ingredients, but I can't make the stuff. Any ideas?
  6. I know it is probably part of a mod, but can anybody tell me which mod makes me character nearly moan in a near sexual way while sprinting. How do I turn it off or turn it way down. My wife came down and asked what I was watching...LOL
  7. I am having trouble getting Cursed Loot to install through Vortex.
  8. Can anybody help me, I know I installed the SE versions, but getting two DLL errors.
  9. So I got a couple of the mods I have been trouble with installed and the game at least ran. Getting these error messages...
  10. my bad. What ever I do if I use Nexus to install them or do it manually, the game will not open. I have tried reading all the sticky notes, but have not found anything described. Probably missed it though.
  11. I thought I put this in the general help forum. I see there are ones for each version for downloads.
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