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  1. Does anyone have any protips/best practices on how to easily use adjustment hotkeys while in VR? I tried OVR Toolkit, but I get horrible framerate problems when its running. Also, unfortunately just using the built-in SteamVR desktop viewer pauses the game and blocks the view pretty badly. Thoughts? What do you all do?
  2. Yep they are there for the most part. Real Clone has had some trouble with patreon and logging in, so it's not updated as frequently. Generally that just means there's a lag time between what you see in their Youtube vs what gets posted into the patreon for download. You'll have to add them to this mod using the tutorial that was provided here, and I can confirm it works! Personally I just convert them to SSE using the Cathedral Assets Optimizer. No problems so far.
  3. Here ya go bud: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316 Run them through that tool, just read the description for how it works. Generally it's pretty simple :).
  4. Here's the video: Can't seem to find it anywhere. Any ideas?
  5. Hey @Irina377 I looked through this entire thread, but do you have any more that are like this one? It's awesome and exactly the type I'm looking for. Your earlier dances "Melen" and "Mysterious Valley" and also close.
  6. Does anyone know how one would go about chaining poses together to play in sequence? A lot of these are amazing candidates to link together for a sensual private dance, but I'm wondering if it'd be possible and how one might start.
  7. As a follow-up question, does anyone know who makes slower, more sensual western dances? Trying to make an exotic dancer club mod lol.
  8. Oh gotcha. So essentially I can assume that if the dance is in the video, it's just somewhere in the patreon thread? Only asking since for example I saw 'Chocolate Cream' not too long ago, and then saw the download in the Patreon, but for some reason the more recent YT video looked like the animations were updated. Anyway, cheers for the info!
  9. Hi all. Love this mod, and I'm grateful for the instructions to add new dances. Recently I subscribed to clonereal's Patreon, but it looks like he hasn't updated it with the new dances he's putting out on Youtube, and I'm getting no response when I asked about it. I figure if anywhere, here would be a good place where some people might know what's up and where to get those new ones. Thanks!
  10. Realizing this is an ancient post for ya lol. In any case I feel the same way. I've been looking everywhere for more erotic dances, and best I can find is Dance for Me Dance for You, which unfortunately only has the three. Definitely no offense to the k-pop lovers here, but while real clone's animation work is amazing, I'm just not that into the music.
  11. I know this is a pretty old thread by now, but maybe @prinyo or someone will see this. I usually play as a male player character, and CBPC Collisions for SSE and VR plus Cbbe 3bbb and the HDT beta for VR make a great combo. Hands collide with npc breasts well in CBPC and HDT "mode" for 3bbb. Unfortunately, recently I tried a female player character, and found that the hands do not collide with npc breasts when npcs are in HDT mode for 3bbb, but they work on my own. It's so strange, and I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. Thoughts? I figured it out. I'm a Vortex user (I know I
  12. Lol I’m an idiot and should have deleted the post when I figured out what I did wrong. I didn’t have automatic free cam ticked... I misunderstood and thought it was purely a function of the 3rd person beta mode.
  13. Has anyone gotten the toggle collisions off mode in SL VR to work properly? I read in this thread that you should be able to toggle 3rd person, which is supposed to act as tcl so you can move all around the scene, but the most I've gotten is just being able to run around at normal height, but occasionally it acts like tcl, allowing me to move up or down. It seems kind of random. The "Back" and Up+Down" gestures seem to do the same thing in that regard, but I thought one was 3rd person at height level, the other a tcl mode. Thoughts? Pretty basic install: SL+VR patch, VRIK, SLAL, Matchmaker, an
  14. I just discovered this blog today and it's super cool! Does anyone know if these stories are available as in-game books?
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