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  1. What i did was just, make the breast sightly smaller, so the nipple could fit in the mesh.
  2. Oh that... I tried modifying the file from the nintendo switch and it crashed, perhaps there is a checksum there and I have no idea how to go around it.
  3. A little update for the mod. illust.unity3d
  4. Definitely not my cup of tea, but if you want them so badly look the mesh files and edit these, those files determine the shape of the image in game.
  5. mod for tit for tat, isn't complete and reused the same textures several times. judgment.unity3d
  6. Just tried this in my nintendo switch, using the file in this thread it freezes. So I tried to make the file using the file from the nsp and crashes, anyone knows what's going on? Idk how legal is to send the files here, but this is the path if you want to try it.
  7. some night ago i did some work, but was really tired and at the next day i compiled it and laught at how bad placed the nipples, since i can't work on this for at least some months, i'll upload the work done, if someone wants to fix the misplaced nipples is free to do so. pend.rar
  8. Click to choose files i make a really bad try and put nipples on them, i don't know how to draw it and i don't know if i'm doing something wrong here, but, here you have. try.rar
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