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  1. Just an update to the jiggle testing we are doing.
  2. Hey awesome questions - i'll try answer them as best I can. It wont be free, the amount of time - detail and lore we want to build into this game will separate it from the rest. We expect to be at the maximum $35 USD per copy on Steam for the base game + all future updates and builds. There is no demo that contains sexual content as right now our character customizer is in the works. We did put out a movement demo to get feedback on how people want the game to feel using Enrith (the guy with wings). We don't require a monthly fee however Patreon helps sustain myself and 2
  3. Well make sure you join the community and have your say! There's room for a bit of everything as long it's done right!
  4. Well almost all kinks are welcome! Just let us know what you are interested in ❤️
  5. We just released a movement test build on Patreon -
  6. ❤️ If you want to hear some of the music we are working on i've posted them over at soundcloud.
  7. ❤️ Thank you we are working hard to get the models right!
  8. So due to the way the character customization works and the complications around getting/obtaining abilities from the girls - we in the meantime will be putting out a small area to feel the controls in the next few days. You'll be playing as Enrith who was never intended to be playable but you'll get a feel for the environment and character style in game as well as fluidity of controls to help us tune it. There are currently 3 of us working on this full time but a lot of it comes down to modeling due to such a small team. I'll post some update pictures on Shay that are usually res
  9. If you post through onto the Role Request channel
  10. Just thought I would update the thread with more content.
  11. Only your character customizer in the base game.
  12. Thanks for understanding Lore will be revealed as we progress.
  13. Hey! Thanks for your questions/interest. So we are exploring the lore very heavily within the game, it's not a parody and takes itself rather seriously. These girls have been turned by a curse and without giving spoilers to the expanded game only available if we gain support through Patreon - you gain an ability to give their mental state back to being human. Their physical change still stays however but you do absorb some of that ability through sex. It will physically change your customizable character as you progress based on who you sleep with, such as bunny leg
  14. ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your support! Absolutely agree and we do have some hurdles to cross due to limitations in the engine as far as 'speed' and 'controls' during sex but they will be refined and developed as we progress from the base game. Right now the goal is getting QUALITY in models and environment in the base while still having as much content as we can but we might fall short on content due to budget. If we chose content over quality it would mean remaking everything later on at a higher quality to fit the content such as the models. This way we can expand and add
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