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  1. Do you have a better image of this?
  2. I’ll try to get a better image - in the image posted there are black smudges that can be seen right (dark circular near PC head) and left - elongated running run from head diagonally downward away from PC) .. anyway, I’ll try to get a better image ..thanks! (You’re welcome for the flowers!)
  3. Hi - love this mod... works very well and I look forward to your next update/improvement ... one thing I've noticed are these weird stretched textures (perhaps from blood.. Apropo2 or Enhanced Blood Blood Textures?) not asking for a fix, just wondering if you know what might be causing this or if you've seen this before.. thanks and keep up the good work.. this is the best defeat mod out there..
  4. Can I use this in conjunction with Deviously Curse Loot or will they conflict? Thanks!
  5. Quest is active. I thought that might be true but couldn’t find anything in the mod description/feature list that explained this. Thanks for the reply!
  6. I cannot find an answer to this so sorry if it seems basic - in the Debug menu my character is NOT vulnerable to rape no matter what the conditions are .. ever .. - conditions set to 1 - arousal is 100 (thresholds for triggering are low) - night - unarmed - around roving guards and other miscreants I finished both the Chloe quest and initial Doll Maker quest (show me the ropes is next).. does being in these quests prevent rape? If not, what else should I be looking for? Thanks for any answers!
  7. Is DD 5.1 a replacement for the previous three mods: assets, integration, and expansion? I see that Deviously Cursed Loot still requires the older three mods and doesn't list DD 5.1 as a requirement - should I not be using DD 5.1 with Cursed Loot 8.5? Thanks for any help.. Edit: Nevermind - figured it out!
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