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  1. Man, I really want this mod to work out. I thought it was just a home, didn't realize it was going to have an actual quest.
  2. Are there any SMP ears and tails that match your hair color?
  3. Is that a thing? I thought at the very least you need to recompile your scripts and rebuild your esp. But what do I know
  4. I'm a bit confused, can I use this alongside your other mod? Just wonderin why they're separate mods on separate sites
  5. Any chance of Special Edition support?
  6. Only a few issues left with the slidersets. Some of them don't have any presets associated with them (but that's okay because the new sliders work fine with them). But those same slidersets have slight clipping issues when using the new sliders. Also any chance of switching to SMP for the physics?
  7. Your game looks gorgeous, what kind of mods are you using? Especially your ENB.
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