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  1. Hello again people's from the Loverslab! Pardon me for bothering all of you with my questions, but i'd like to ask if someone made the Dragbody's factions overhauls on GUN compatible with CBBE, if not someone can point a video how to do?
  2. Oh okay then, also pardon me for my late responses, and thanks for responding, i was really curious about but now i know that NV CBBE has their own conversions (even if i prefer the optional BNB ones) i good, also sorry for bothering you all.
  3. Sorry for the (very) late response, is possible to show they? I want to compare with the normal CBBE conversion.
  4. Sorry, I was busy for a long time, so i couldn't respond the quote. CBBE has their own replacer? I thought that CBBE just converted the vanilla clothes (Also sorry mu english).
  5. Hello, sorry to ask but i'd like to know if the Bouncing Natural Breasts mod is compatible with CBBE.
  6. Hello people of Loverslab, sorry for my first post being a request, but i intended to install the Bouncing Natural Breasts body and armor mod, and i want the bigger breast file, but before that i'd like to see how the armors look, could someone show me please?
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