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  1. Thank you for this, I can't wait to attempt all of this. This whole "disable points" thing really frustrated me to the point that I haven't played the mod since learning about it. That, and I've had my daughter this week, so can't play this with her around. I like the idea of the mutations and what they can bring to the table, but some just plain don't look good or cause some other issues. For example, I really like the idea of Tall/Short cow. I would have loved to see both being used in my harem herd along with some just staying their regular height, however I think any npc cows you make
  2. Awww, that's unfortunate. Missed opportunity there in my opinion. Now are we sure that this is impossible, or is it just that no one has ever done it? There are a lot of mods out there that I never would have believed to be possible, and then I found them. Also, some of my sexlab mods are showing some of my followers as being futas, even though they are female and I don't have any futa mods installed (that I'm aware of). Yet they produce futa cum when they orgasm, so that's a little confusing, especially since sexlab framework shows them as female. Basically, I would like to have my hare
  3. I have an oddly specific question for the group. Is there a mod (or series of) that adds futa shlongs during futa animations and removes them after, like how the strapons appear during appropriate scenes? And during male on female scenes with all females that it has a chance to add either a strapon or the futa schlong? And finally, it also has a chance for impregnation? Um, asking for a friend...
  4. I'm kinda having something similar w/ tails, but all the one's on my girls just stick straight back, stiff as a board. Would this solve that, and if so, where do I find these folders? I tried looking for them, but didn't succeed. Edit: I've also been doing some testing, and I'm trying to reset my mutations. I've discovered that some that I thought might be ok just don't look that good to me and I would like to disable them, but I'm getting a message that says I've reached my max "disable points." What the hell is that, and why is it even a thing? If I don't like a feature, I
  5. Hey all, been a bit since I last bothered you all. I haven't figured out my Riften ctd yet, but I've been focused on other things and I do have an oddly specific question for the group. Is there a mod (or series of) that adds futa shlongs during futa animations and removes them after, like how the strapons appear during appropriate scenes? And during male on female scenes with all females that it has a chance to add either a strapon or the futa schlong? And finally, it also has a chance for impregnation? Um, asking for a friend...
  6. I do have Dibella's Sisterhood, however there is also a sister at the Dibella shrine on the way to Markarth, and I had no problem saving next to her and others out in the wilderness. The only trouble I had next to her was that there was also a random Lv 50 Daedra Lord wielding Masamune and out for my blood. Fortunately on one of the retries of killing him, Neisa trapped him in a corner and F***ed him up. And he showed up immediately after a dragon attack. It's hard being beautiful, everyone wants that booty...
  7. Well crap. Means I gotta figure which random mod is doing it... Thanks for checking. I should be able to narrow it down from the ones you are using and check just the extras I'm using, but it's still a pain in the ass that's gonna take some time. Anyone have a list of known troublemakers in that area?
  8. So another update. I remember trying to push forward onto Riften and having a CTD, so I've tried a couple more times and found that I will CTD in pretty much the same exact spot. I've included some screenshots showing where. If I keep going down that road there is what seems like a dip in the road where I think a cell border is and the moment I try to cross it, hello desktop. Would anyone know a console command to try and reset that particular cell? Or does anyone know of another way to try and clean the cell? Thanks again for all the help.
  9. I suspect it might have to do with the creature mods that Aylis ended up removing from the list. Unfortunately, those were somewhat recently removed and I had downloaded the list previous to this revision. Now my saved game has those as part of it's list and if I try to deactivate Aroused Creatures, I get the "page is ruined and cannot be read" error when loading my save. Unfortunately I don't think loading an earlier save will help, since these mods were loaded since I started this save. Which means I would have to start a brand new save, and I'm not even certain these are the mods causin
  10. So update. Tried the console command that was suggested. Didn't work. Tried deactivating all DynDolod parts. Didn't work. Tried fast traveling home and waiting for 31+ days inside breezehome to force a cell reset. Traveled back to the crossroads. Didn't work. Reran both parts of DynDolod and replaced the old ones. Didn't work. This all implies that one of the mods I have is loading a corrupted mesh/texture in that area, and I now have the (fun) task of trying to figure out which motherfu-akljghaklgasdk son of aalkhfakjh aj... ahem, I mean WONDERFUL mod it is... And then slapping the
  11. I am running Lawbringer, but I had read about the all in one issues, so I made sure to use the separate ones. Again, I think this is a cell issue, due to it seemingly only happening in that area. I haven't tried working on it yesterday or today because I've been watching anime instead. Needed a bit of a break from the game having issues, but I might try some of the fixes tonight. Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  12. I've uninstalled the beastess lairs but I haven't deactivated dyndolod, didn't know that that could have an effect as well, so might be worth trying. I had run into problems around the beastess lairs before and since I haven't even used them, it won't be much of a loss. I like the idea of them, but not if they cause crashes. I already cleaned all of my pluggins, including the DLCs (which are the worst of the lot for needing cleaning, thanks Bethesda...), and I script cleaned my save with Fallrim Tools, but I never saw that console command as a suggestion. I'll have to try tha
  13. I did happen to see this reddit during my research and it is true that I have not attempted this procedure yet. However, my ctd is not just limited to only when saving. It also happens when passing time in the same spot. However, at the alchemist shack, I have no problem passing time and it's where I last saved. This implies something wrong within the cell, again from the little that I understand. It also had a ctd when I tried to enter the nearby beastess lair, and another time when I tried to just keep moving toward Riften. I uninstalled beastess lair, since I thought that might have b
  14. So, don't know if anyone else is running into this issue, but I guess I'll ask. I'm running into ctd issues when trying to save in the area south of Ivarstead, where the road splits to go toward Riften and Helgen. I was able to save near the abandoned alchemist shack, but at that crossroads, every time I try to save or even pass the time, it ctds. Researching implies that this means a corrupted mesh/texture/cell in the area, probably from a mod. Anyone else experiencing this? I have modified Aylis's list here a bit, but the only mods I can think might be causing this is the various textur
  15. Once again, thanks everyone for their help, it does seem to be working just as I wanted, so yay! On a side note, this set of mods single-handedly derailed my playthrough, and pretty early into it too. So much so that I am very tempted to write the story of it all. Don't know if anyone would be interested in such a thing. I may just write it down for myself. You guys let me know if that sounds interesting and I may try and post it somewhere on here. If that's even allowed...
  16. Update, that did seem to fix it. Now I just need to spend some time attempting to get back to where I was. Hopefully I can keep from breaking it again...
  17. I guess I didn't do a full clean install, didn't want to lose progress with certain things. /sigh. Guess there's no avoiding that. I just hope that I can afterwards bring everything back to where I was at. Thanks for the tip. Now let's see if I don't screw it up even further...
  18. So I tried reinstalling, selected the options in the FOMOD for everything I had before + the Sandbox patch, jump back into the game, and now the milk pumps don't work and the milking cuirass has turned into an invisibility cloak... From my limited knowledge of modding Skyrim, I believe this means a broken pathway. Any ideas on how to fix this easily? Starting to think I have no business trying to tweak certain things in these mods without adult guidence...
  19. Anyone have any word on this yet? Or am I still just a massive noob/idiot?
  20. I believe that that is a later stage in the transformation. Example, right now my PC is 7/26 into her transformation. She has horns and ears, but just started to stand on tippy toes, which I think means she is developing hooves. She still doesn't have fur yet. So again, I think that in due time it will happen, just keep on milking!
  21. Sweet, I actually figured out how to save the ta-ta's from the zero weight reduction using Bodyslide. For future reference, you have to transfer the heavy weights from the right side on Bodyslide to the left low weights by using the arrow button at the bottom of the weights list. The arrow pointing left. Then, with build meshes checked, build the CBBE body, and afterwords batch build your outfits. Just putting this here for any other newbies out there running into the same issue. Using this, I should also be able protect Neisa's magnanimous mammorys. Now she really will have a reason for
  22. Ah, so I'm just an impatient a-hole. Wondered if that might be it. Make me sad that it resets the mesh to 0 weight, means that if I have Neisa join the herd, bye bye beautiful ta-ta's... Might still be worth it... Another thing, I'm trying to get Lydia to auto use milk pumps, but she seems reluctant, any advice? We are all in the MME Dungeon home if that helps. Thanks again.
  23. Just a quick question about the body meshes. It seems that since Lydia and I started tranforming, it switched our body meshes to something with smaller breasts. Furthermore, I'm not seeing any of the swelling breast or butt mechanics. It could just be we aren't far enough along, but maybe I forgot something or did something wrong? Thanks all.
  24. Yay, it seems like I got it working! At least SKSE launches and I can enter the game. Now just need to test everything to ensure it all works. Turns out I got Oldrim versions of Parasites and Dialogues. On a COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY UNRELATED TOPIC, it might be best not to download when tired. But of course no one would be that dumb, right? Right...?
  25. I was also aware of this at the beginning and made sure to run the game (up until Riverwood) before even downloading the first mod. Even after I started downloading some I would periodically run it just to see if it worked. Then one day I got the bright idea to go balls to the wall and finish downloading the rest of the list and add a bunch of my own choosing, and not test along the way. I am paying for my sins, that is all...
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