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  1. it is somewhat ...nervwrecking yes ... thats the reason why i choose very early to change to MM2. It is so easy there...
  2. Just behind the Smithy on the other side of the building
  3. Perhaps it will come later if Srende adds more content to the projekt .. I would like to see a cuckold scenario too
  4. cant you use the controller with skyrim? I thought it would be possible if so you should be able to reconfigure the hotkey on the controller? Am i wrong?
  5. Could i get your Char preset? That looks really nice
  6. Than i will take it off my list and look if it happens again...
  7. I used to have the animal sex enabled with Spider and Chaurus animations with the slaverun mod so.... every animation with billy worked there just fine
  8. Well myload order runs at 252 mods with some merged mods already ... i will take a look later ... oh boy here we go again ^^
  9. Thank you will it try out after i got some sleep many many thanks
  10. If Iam running Skyrim SE with SexLabAroused Redux V28b SSE Modified by BakaFactory(2020 11 17)) and SLSO can i drop this into a running game and disably the other too without running into bigger problems after using CAO? (This Version should be for Legendary after all right?)
  11. Did you ask Teutonic? I mean Sexlab Adventures has a Crime System so it would be the very thing you would like to have for a bad ending?
  12. DFC combined with resub lola doesnt work that wellto see some posts before and described by lupine too ... but you could have one follower for the devious part and one for the resub part
  13. Dont think that this is an error from Khamal. I think that this mod extension was made with a bare foot slave in mind
  14. yeah i mean slaver react like slaver should do if you add the deviously enslaved to it in so far ... its ok
  15. I would wish that this mod would do a little bit more than just threaten to enslave you when you ask a slaver where he/she is bringing the slave ... to bad .... there is no real mod that makes real use of slaves i know there is Deviously enslaved but ... your follower can and will block enslavement when you enable it ... That is not the same. But i like that this mod opens up a word a bit more and makes the streets and roads of skyrim more lively. Thank you very much for this mod
  16. @Kimy should know how to do this ... perhaps even add it to dcl or something ... mmmmh
  17. The Dwemer in the first place ... This is already said in the intoduction quest
  18. Using CAO makes the mod usable in SSE Deviously Pink 0.3.7z This is the sse Version of Devious Pink. For me it works fine
  19. No that is fine with me too i think he spoke only about the mask and yes this should definitly be the Mask of shame in the described Picture
  20. Hi there do you want to be a mad scientist in Rubber factory? I mean you were one in F4 just thought off you in that moment as racoonity spoke about a mad scientist and i had to think of you directly xD

    1. DocClox


      Sounds interesting. I take it we're talking about a mod? I seem to have missed part of the discussion :)

    2. Baltasarr80


      Yes it is :)



  21. No you dont really need slif everything else works if you activate zaz it should look like this
  22. One Question i have ... if i have a milky life installed in se i hear a charater (dont know excactly if it is my pc) moaning and than coming and squirting white stuff in the face of the npc ... and there are no Sex or Milking Animations involved ... only talking These are my installed Mods involved a Milky Life SE
  23. I saw some time ago in t.aras animation thread a box with armbinder together that could fit as a perfect replacer for the bag ... but for me i like it as an addon for resub lola very very much
  24. Oh i would second that in a minutes notice Im liking it very much
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