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  1. thats normal so far ... it should give you the feeling that there are others in the shadows who apply items on your body ... If you hit some keys you should get out of this screen.
  2. Im using vortex for all of fallout 4. No problems so far. I had the same example with bumping into raiders with activated raider pet and hardship ... THAT WAS SOMETHING
  3. I have the same problem with vis-g or horizon for that matter ... every time i open a crate and try to collect all items the game crashes .... if i dont usw these to mods ... no problem ...
  4. It would be nice if the npcs would stay in their contraptions and could get fucked in there. That would be awsome. Your StumpZ devices have a configuration tool but right now it doesnt seem to work? I think that this isnt final right now?
  5. i think that 5 minutes are enough
  6. Hi there, I rescued the people from concord and escorted them to sanctuary. After i got over the bridge from sanctuary Preston and myself begin the dialogue and after my backstory how i woke up in the vault there is no continuation of the dialogue ... we are stuck in this conversation. If i go a few steps away he moves again but then as soon as i get close again it happens again. Does someone has an idea?
  7. It is out in form from the Raider Reform School. Nice piece of Bondagedevice 😉
  8. Will it be possible in the far far away future to be trained to be a slave by raiders or Gunners via your Mod? I would like to see that sometime if planned
  9. Im so Hyped. But why have i a walking animation with the skyhook? Is it because of the dd walking animations mod?
  10. use vortex copy it into the mod section and than install the devices via the inbuild gamebuilder There is a extra section for the torture devices
  11. I tried that ... but i also had shenaningans and harassment in my load order so ... not actually 100% sure about that ...
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