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  1. That is something that i thought about 🙂 But what i really like is the possibility in combination with sexlab Pheromones aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thank you
  2. When i try to setup the Resource files i get this window. I tried 3 resource Files so far and it was always the same. Did i miss something?
  3. What i am definitily missing is that your slaver just walks up and down (thats what he did with me nothing else and what i thought would happen right at the beginning would be that he at least would collar me but nope hethreatens to gag me but just yanks the leash and nothing more. well i will try it again ;-). But it at the very least works with sse and DD 5.0 SE
  4. DD 5.1 is for legendary out could we pretty please have a rerelease with updated itemsupport? I would realy appreciate it
  5. Will you add Piercing stretcher or lets just say Nipple stretcher? I would like to see that 🙂
  6. second that can we use 3.8 for se as well or should we stick with 3.72?
  7. sure but it doesnt make sense right now as slaverun itself isnt maintained ...
  8. yeah i would say follower function of dev. enslaved ... you can make them stop finding items but an npc kann still rape you and possibly equip a colloar. You could also deactivate all collars equiped by the mod
  9. The original mod author is pchs from the former slaverun mod from which this one was born from. Neither PCHS NOR Kenjoka(cant receive any messages) answered my calls ... From my Point of view... EVEN when i like this mod ... I think it is Graveyardfodder. The Slave free Slaves questline and the Slavewife work but more or less buggy ... (had to cheat on some points to make it work) If they dont answer we need someone who is willing to do the heavy lifting to make this mod from the ground up and build it for a VERY VERY LONG TIME ... it took me about 2 weeks to finish the
  10. no thats absolutely what i wanted to ask and yes i think they should leave the party after auctioning you off
  11. Push for a revisit for bugfixing and possible port to SSE NEED IT
  12. Oah das sieht super aus ... Könnte man daraus nicht einen mod ala Noble skyrim draus machen? Das sieht klasse aus ... wünschte mein Skyrim würde überall so schick aussehen
  13. The Captured Dreams shop ... i played it last week before (Thalmor Embassy was ... welli nteresting) Than my game crashed and i no longer could equip any tools or weapons only magic ... bye bye setup ...
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