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  1. no but like we allways say ... Skyrim is a rough place
  2. I like it very much . This could help very much. I think if koozie is ready to take the lid off and we can get some more help it will get faster with the mod ...i played it with and without the changes koozie did ... specially in the late mod... it gets very querkie...
  3. It is still compatible I use almost ALL the Devious mods and without any hickups so far
  4. it is somewhat ...nervwrecking yes ... thats the reason why i choose very early to change to MM2. It is so easy there...
  5. Just behind the Smithy on the other side of the building
  6. Perhaps it will come later if Srende adds more content to the projekt .. I would like to see a cuckold scenario too
  7. cant you use the controller with skyrim? I thought it would be possible if so you should be able to reconfigure the hotkey on the controller? Am i wrong?
  8. Could i get your Char preset? That looks really nice
  9. Than i will take it off my list and look if it happens again...
  10. I used to have the animal sex enabled with Spider and Chaurus animations with the slaverun mod so.... every animation with billy worked there just fine
  11. Well myload order runs at 252 mods with some merged mods already ... i will take a look later ... oh boy here we go again ^^
  12. Thank you will it try out after i got some sleep many many thanks
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