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  1. Wow, I dont even know that we can change look of the the poses, nice work mate Can you share the original swimsuit picture? I hope its not an SSR suit.
  2. Kasumi/Misaki Skin : Hairy + French Nails + Better foot details (Original skin is made by @eromaro ) Kasumi/Misaki Skin file: Kasumi_Misaki 12.dds If you like it, don't hesitate to press the "like button" of this post
  3. Is there a garter mod for cc? If there is one, can someone share its link? Its the most beautiful part of underwear, there should be mods but i couldnt find Any modder can make a cc mod like this?
  4. This is very intresting... It took some time but at last i found the source of the problem. Its the Fiona Hair mod (hair fiona mod v 2.2 by minazuki) , very intresting. I dont understand whats wrong, but this mod ini (Long hair to short hair) does this conflict. Really liked this hair mod, hope there could be a fix soon Long Hair.ini
  5. Its not important mate, we are lucky to have moders like you in this community BTW, i think i see another issue, it becomes visible in some angles. It seems like a part of hair You can see it in the following screenshot. next to the right leg. I think its hash is : ecc8226d
  6. Yes mate, v1.1 version works perfect, i have missed the update, thank you for the great mod
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