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  1. Thank you i had no idea there was a new update! for others with simular problem go here https://basementalcc.com/download/ you can find troubleshooting on that page as well. i removed the old files and installed the updated ver. works fine...except i have to reassign dealers etc...no biggie.
  2. my cannabis plants get infested with weeds and insects! regular plants do just fine, normal levels of weeds etc. The quality diminishes as well. I have tried several different ways, my level 10 gardener with sheltered pots wouldn't even work in season for cannabis. I have tried the bug free, weed free cheat as well. I bought the seeds from the headshop, placed buds from other harvests, neither way worked. if there is something anyone can help with this issue please reply or send me a message. Thank You I am grateful for all the hard work the content creators do here Cheers !
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