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  1. Ok, because I still get some stuck expressions after the animation and just do an mfg reset when it's an issue. I was also having issues with expressions during animations after installing this script, but that's around the time that I realized plugin load order actually mattered lol. I redid my load order using loot etc and then didn't have any issues. I never figured out what the culprit was though :/ I know mods like random emotions could interfere, at least without the updated script and mfgfix. I haven't tried with. I guess make sure you don't have any other mods trying to modify expressions (such as random emotions).
  2. I'm running into issues with Alicia Painslut. When I go to her birthplace shack her ghost is there and attacks me. I attack back but can't seem to do any damage. Neither can my follower or anything I summon. Am I missing something? Also, just near there (north west I think) I found this. Looking in SSE edit there seems to be some identical to master conflict winners against USSEP having to do with water.
  3. I don't remember where it was, but I ran into something like that too. You could delete the references in SSEEdit, but I didn't bother. I'm also not sure how you'd identify what to delete. Something under worldspace I believe.
  4. It gets stuck open during an animation or after it is finished?
  5. Huh, so he "stacks" facial expressions? How does that work without getting jitter? Or is that something your change fixes as iirc izzyguy uses LE. I assume the LE version so there is follower support? Did you have to use a patch so it doesn't conflict with SL expressions?
  6. If you have random emotions, that tends to be the issue. There is a patch somewhere for it.
  7. Yep. Same here. I didn't have one until now, but now I've got a save in the temple where it crashes within 10 to 20 seconds.
  8. @PepperDog017 I was hanging around in the temple for a while trying to fix the dress texture/bodyslide and never had a CTD... On another note, for Alicia Painslut, I found Daedric Alicia in the basement of Jorrvaskr. Is that normal? I haven't been the the player home in Windhelm yet.
  9. I haven't tried, but I was just on the Sexy Bandit Captives page and it said you could. I found a dark face in Faldar's Tooth (140028dc) in a tent on the wall, but haven't run into any others yet.
  10. Hello, I'm having trouble with the dress texture. It's blank white like Aylis's picture before the patch: I'm using the texture patch from Aylis (nothing is overwriting it) and the body slide files from the main post. Are there some other body slide files I should be using? Thanks. Edit: So I opened the 'SLDibella Sisters Pure' bodyslide in Outfit Studio and saw that the texture path was textures\ashara\imperial wedding outfit\ so I changed it to textures\armor\sl_dibella_sisters\[file] for each of the three files because that seems to be where they are located in the texture patch. I rebuilt in bodyslide and loaded up, and still the wonky white texture... I also verified the path change in NifSkope. I am a noob, but I am trying. Any help is appreciated.
  11. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/13204-blush-when-aroused-v13-se/
  12. I'm also seeing a jitter/flicker with the jaw moving up and down maybe like 3-4 times in a 1/4 second. It is on a new save with the latest mfg fix and no Opparcro. Edit: I messed around some more and it's working now. It may have been a load order thing as I was modifying my list and possibly forgot to run loot. Thanks for the fix!!
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