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  1. done it, thank's 😃 sorry i don't know any of that. maybe you can ask other modder perhaps ?
  2. I don't know any, but try searching FEMDOMANIA Animations. Maybe you can find it there, or ask the creator. Here's the link (click here)
  3. i haven't tried that before, let me try it first and i will update the list soon.
  4. In my customized sims, I simply made 2 folder to make easier way to install it. You can find The Sims 4 mods and tray folder in C:\Users\(Your computer name)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 (FOR WINDOWS 7)
  5. updated, thank's for the information ! sorry, i just back from my busy days. it has to be 2 folders, mods and tray.
  6. @TURBODRIVER Sir, if I want to update the mod, should I delete this files too ?
  7. Nisa's Wicked Perversion You can also make a stripclub directly from WW mod
  8. Try to look at "Fit to Sexual Function" and Gender Recognition
  9. Welcome to LoversLab First of all, welcome to this community ! Hope you enjoying your time here ! So, I will make a little help guide for you if you still confused to choose which mods you want to use. For the first time, it may be still a few list because I'm making the list from what I've tried before. But, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment. I'll add it and update this topic as soon as possible. Modlist WickedWhims - you can download at LoversLab or at WickedWhims Official Site. Animations - you can check the full list of animations at LoversLab or at WickedWhims Official site. ☆ Amra72 Animations - download here. ☆ Anarcis Animations - download here. ☆ Artemiel Animations - download here. ☆ A.Trois Animations - download here. ☆ Chimochicchi Animations - download here. ☆ CHIPER Animations - download here. ☆ FausTTerM Animations - download here. ☆ GreyNaya Animations - download here. ☆ Kiki Animations - download here. ☆ Lifeline Animations - download here. ☆ Mike24 Animations - download here. ☆ MISSME Animations - download here. ☆ MOTHERLODESIMS Animations - download here. ☆ ooOLaLa Animations - download here. ☆ SALARMOJS Animations - download here. ☆ Simstasia Animations - download here. ☆ TLayer Animations - download here. ☆ wild_guy Animations - download here. ☆ YrSa Animations - download here. ☆ Zorak Animations - download here. Other Animations ☆ E404P Animations (FF&MM) - download here. ☆ FEMDOMANIA Animations (Femdom) - download here. ☆ Fouyaya Animations (Femdom) - download here. ☆ NNISM Animations (MM) - download here. ☆ R-Lo Animations (FF) - download here. Nisa's Wicked Perversion - you can download it here. Basemental Drugs - you can download it here. Basemental Addons - download here. MC Command Center (MCCC) - you can download it here. Bouncing Boobies - you can download it here. Cherry_Pie Cum Mesh - you can download it here. I'm not using LL version because it seems not updated, since Cheery_Pie released v2 in Patreon for public. Others BDSM & Other Device - actually I'm not into BDSM things. But if you are into BDSM, here's my recommendation. Devices ☆ asketo's objects - download here. ☆ Azmodan22 Bondage Device - download here. ☆ Azmodan22 Strapon - download here. ☆ bobahloo BDSM Furniture - download here. ☆ Kritikal's Naughty Collection - download here. ☆ Salarmoj's Objects - download here. ☆ YrSa BDSM Device - download here. Supporting Animations ☆ asketo's Animations - download here. ☆ Azmodan22 Animations - download here. ☆ bobahloo Animations - download here. ☆ Salarmoj Animations - download here. ☆ YrSa Animations - download here. Custom Sims ☆ 420simerror Sims - download here. ☆ ArchSkylar's Sims Creation - download here. ☆ Devilangel's Corner - download here. ☆ Discovery Sims - download here. ☆ Fabulous Honey Sims - download here. ☆ MISSME's Sims - download here. ☆ My Sims by Etiennet! - download here. ☆ sims4you - download here. ☆ Sims List [Sims Custom] - download here. ☆ Welcome! Simmers - download here. ☆ WORLD SUGAR BABIES SIMS - download here. Sexy CC ☆ LoveBob Sexy Fetish Clothes - download here. ☆ MISSME's CC - download here. ☆ Nany-Design Clothing - download here. Replacer - changes the visualization into erotic TV Channel ☆ BigZhbr - download here. ☆ CinErotique - download here. Easel Painting ☆ BigZhbr - download here. Please report to me if there's any misspell or error link.
  10. The latest version of WW is v162c. Try update WW first.
  11. There was a problem within LL website. But now it's working. Try again.
  12. Have you installed the mods correctly ? The mods should be placed right to the "Mods" folder, or at max 1 subfolder. Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods or Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods/WickedWhims it should be fine. After that, check the game setting in your The Sims 4. Enable Script Mods, check the "Uncompressed Sims Texture", and uncheck the "Laptop Mode"
  13. Try start a new game. If the setting works well in your new game, probably there's something wrong with your old saves. If not, check again, did you install the mod correctly or not.
  14. Welcome to LL ! Make yourself comfortable
  15. For now it works fine for me, but still a little slow loading time.
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